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  • Sooo true... As some people aren't pushed, they just enjoy their laziness, I can see that in my kids...sometimes im the same .. and spending all money carelessly is something against my logical thinking ...

  •         Some people are blessed with more wisdom than others. Actually I think,this depends on the nature of their spirit. Yes, a normal person can be blessed in wisdom, but only prophets can reach ultimate wisdom. 

             Finally, thanks for the Scottish Proverbs. God bless you.

  • Universal proverb:

    "You never realise what you have until it's gone"  (the toilet paper)

    • 🤣🤣🤣 soooo deep

  • I do agree with the second saying 👍

  • Yes, we need a wise person to manage bank balance....

  • Merci, Adriano, Did you fetch these proverb from Scotland when you visited Edinburgh?  I faught tooth and nail to grasp the meaning of these two little sentences, but failed. I hope you fetched the meanings too. Otherwise, I have to book a tick now to ask around the people of Edinburgh or upper Scotland  to get the meaning of these proverbs. 

    • Thank you Mr.Shaheen , A) not from Edinburg but from Glasgow and Stirling  B) The proverbs are clear you understand them easly , I wont share any clue ,we're here to learn , not to perch  on ready ! .Thanks agaian for your comment . 

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