There is nothing all round, but sadness

Looked for one, found you, forgot all sadness


You came, again left me leaving

Again, was in my fate the sadness


What a sadness you gave me

Forgot all other sadness


Why not tell the story of sadness

While remain none but sadness


Surprised, why it is called love

It is nothing but infect a sadness


All advise me I would forget you

There are others, but again sadness


I am not insane to leave your sadness

This is the only happiness for me to have your sadness

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    • It's a poetic view. How a poet sees what s/he feels. He just expresses without how the reader is impacted.


  •           Actually I didn’t like the sound of heavy sadness in the poem. My friend, no one can deny that love between people has its complications. Because, simply, people are complicated. Sometimes we love the wrong person. We can love too much, or not enough. We can feel it but not know how to show it. We can think love is enough, when actually it isn’t. We can struggle to find it or be unsure if we have found it or not. Sometimes we think it is still into our hearts, but we can feel it ebbing away and we don’t know how to restore it to its full glory. Yes, love tire our souls. But after all, we need it badly to add meaning to our lives. To keep the smile on our faces. To add nice parts to our memories. To………….To………..And what can I say more????? All what can I say is; God bless you and your family as well. 

  • So ironic to say that in sadness, we may find happiness.  If sadness is not there, we will never know what happiness is.  Thanks to sadness, I can feel happiness.

    I love your line "This is the only happiness for me to have your sadness". 

    • How delighted to see you after a long time Lady Anne.

      This is the world of love I mentioned, where the lover like to be burned, otherwise it is tasteless for him/her.  

      Life is decorated with the contrast, it is fact we can feel one emotion in the presence of other. 

      In love, (especially in our eastern poetry) the one who falls in love enjoys the sadness of depriviation from the beloved, because for him remembering the beloved in such a way is the cause to feel her presence.

      Thanks again for all encouragements.  Keep visiting, no matter after a long pause.  It gives the feeling of presence, any way...........................................

      Lady Anne
      myEnglishClub (myEC), your page in English
  • ITs  good to feel sadness  so as to appreciate life 

    nevertheless there has to be a balance one should   not  over indulge in it as to the extent of depression ..


    • Thanks Nadira for your time to read and posting the nice comment.  You are right, there should be balance, but it is not in our hand.  How and when our emotions are affected, we can't expect in prior.

      Thanks again.

      I appreciate your encouragement.

  • Well, happiness dwells  with two close friends. Their co-existence  sometimes seems to be necessary like we breath and outbreath together. So, give a space for sadness alongwith happiness but do not let her outrace your happiness!

    • Good to see you on my side bet after a long time. Thanks for the nice comment.

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    • Thanks Rose for such an illustrative comment.

      Very true.

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