They met in a school garden during the break. She was in blue, he is in black, the colors resolved at private school. He noticed her sitting on a bench. Having approached her, they met the eyes and he presented her a flower. Their acquaintance took place. They didn't utter words, so didn't manage to tell anything, the call rang out. Next day they met on the way home again and again were silent, he helped her with a portfolio, they listened to music. There were days, they met on change, had breakfast together, exchanged glances, held hands and were silent. They were happy. Once on the river the girl stumbled and fell in water. He started rescuing and rescued hert. They sat on the bridge and laughed. Books became wet and dried nearby. He gave her apple and again turned on the music...

       There came time of examinations, they strongly were nervous and spent time behind books. Their friendship outgrew in bigger and they kissed once. It was on a pronulka, after examinations, the girl reddened and, and the guy smiled. They joined and run along the rivers. Love woke up and their hearts and captured their souls. They graduated from school and came together to college. The father of the girl drank and beat mother and the girl. With bruises she kept the appointment. She had to leave the house and they began to live together in the hostel. Boyfriend cared of her and strongly loved her.They spent all the time together. Music touched their hearts and flowed like water. They finished college and the guy was gone. He simply didn't come and the girl was upset. There passed week and to it the man came, told that the father of boyfriend and that they dont need to meet more and that his son to marry and this business of business. All at once.
       She was destroyed. 8 years of friendship and love passed all...
       She looked for his and unexpectedly received from his father a wedding invitation. She wanted to know only why he threw her?But she could do nothing, he didn't want to talk to her. The terrible began. Days of loneliness and grief. She drank and did drugs and so could be lost. But it happened fine, she met the person. He lived in other country and she fell in love again. The ex boyfriend shortly divorced and wanted to restore the relations, but she didn't love him any more... She was happy with the her darling.

       Music is the only thing that remained from their friendship and she listened, listened and listened to it...

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  • ok

  • A touching story... "On change" means "на перемене"? If so, it should be "during the break. Excuse me my correction.

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