Royal Wedding Described as Diverse and Inclusive

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Royal Wedding Described as “Diverse” and “Inclusive”

Without a shadow of a doubt, Royal Wedding was one of the most talked about event, also British Royal is the most known and famous constitutional monarchy in the world.

In my opinion, a highly successful family that has been able to be survived until today, while the other monarchies ( except of a few ones) had been abolished during the 20th century.

I always wondered "The Role of the Royal Family" so made a little bit searching,

here are some of the notes !

1-Social Trust

2-Symbolic Power

3-Ceremonial Functions

4-Head of State, political leader, be consulted, charity

5-Play role in a nation's culture and history

6-Their crown and places are owned by state.

Altough a minor event rather than William&Kate's wedding, it was overly lavish and traditional. This fairy tale wedding presents "a love story" to the whole world.

           in a luxury tradition ceremony

Meghan Markle is a feminist woman and symbolized her belief as walking down the aisle of Saint George Chapel alone.  

I can say that their love brought to different cultures in the same place such as wedding ceremony , Royal and history.

Happy Ending with my best wishes.

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