Robbie's Writing Challenge - Iranian dish_ TAHCHIN

Greetings my lovely EC friends; long time no see. I hope you are all doing great. You rabbits all have participated in Robbie’s challenge and I’m the turtle who is a bit slow therefore late ; anyway better late than never.
I would like to share with you one of Iranian foods called ”Tahchin”. It’s my kids’ favorite food. Ingredients which we need for this food are: boiled rice, two eggs’ yolks, three spoon yogurt, some saffron, barberry ( Zereshk), some oil , some salt and pepper and cooked and chopped chicken’s breast.

First we mix eggs yolks with yogurt and saffron then add three spoon of oil and after that add the chicken that you already cooked. At the end mix all of these ingredients with rice. I use some butter before I pour all these material into pan. Then let it be cooked for 30 minutes with low heat. And one more point my kids don’t like barberry so I didn’t add it; you know kids rule .
You can decorate it with fried barberries and pistachios.

Some people make it thicker but I like it this way. you can eat it with lettuces salad or pickles( I made it myself). That’s all. I hope you like it .

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  • Dear Adaline,Onee and Elisa so many thanks for your kind comments.
    Dear Robbie, I hope that too.:)
  • You're welcome, Setareh! That's heart-warming to read. I wish you a wonderful experience if ever you'd have a chance to visit my country and vice versa. :)

  • Dear setareh, it looks delicious. THanks for sharing.
  • A food from rice, chicken and egg....Woww...a heavy food. hehe... I think I will be full with a half of it. Send me some, please! ^^

    Long time no see.. Thank you for sharing this dish, Setareh. It's new to me. I will read again when I feel like want to cook something new. I think it is nice to try. ^_^

  • Dear Setareh, Lovely recipe!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Tahchin looks yummy and I hope its taste nice too!

    I will try to make it  as well.  

  • Dear AG, I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for your nice comment.

  • Dear Estanis, thanks for your comment. I'd love to try spanish omelet so I will ask the king of omelet how to make it.:)

  • Dear Shoba, thanks for your kind words.

    Dear Robbie, I'm so glad that I could finally make make it. Thank to you and your interesting challenge. It's so nice to have you here. Dear Robbie, I want to say something. I always try to have positive attitude towards all people and to avoid stereotyping.  Sometimes we get to know some nice people whom leave you a good impression about their country. I have never seen your country but you and dear ALICE made me love Philippines. I wish all the best for you and your country.

  • Dear Luci, i think it's quite hard to bake a cake so i'm sure cooking this dish will be a piece of cake for you. Thanks for taking time.

    Dear Evangelina, I'm so glad to bring smile on your beautiful face because reading your comments always bring smile on mine. Thanks for your nice comment.

    Dear Mary, wow! your omelet looks delicious. I love tuna fish; i'm sure it will be tasty with tuna too, so you can have Spanish version of Tahchin.:) I'm so happy to be among you guys. Thanks for your kind words.

  • Dear Bill, thanks for stopping by.

    Dear Frank, it seems you are quite familiar with Iranian food; I also like to try another countries dishes. You live in one place and you can travel all around the world through their tasteful dishes, lucky you!:) thanks for reading my post.

    Dear Shadow, thanks for your nice comment.

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