Result to avoid argument with uneducated person

Sometimes some argument will not give you proper solution. Sometimes some argument feel you distrubed. Sometimes some argument make you confisued. Sometimes some argument make no sense. Because that argument is betwen you and one uneducated guy. I am not meaning that udeducated means illiterate guy. Uneducated means who does not have any proper knowledge. Uneducated means who are enternally blind. Uneducated means who does not care abut any logic, example or theory. So what you have to do when some uneducated want to argue with you? Just be silient. Tell he or she that " You are right" . Believe me you will feel better. 


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  • Here people say argument never brings anything good.

    • You are right .

  • As I was once an uneducated person who is now Educated. I totally agree with you. You should keep you opinionated trap shut. A uneducated person can be educated, unfortunately, the arrogant educated person can't be made to use their manners. 

    • You are right .

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