We always encounter people everyday. These people are part of us whether we like it or not.They are in your work place, or at school, market places, at the mall, parks, in the community or in your near neighborhood.
However, we cannot control circumstances and people we meet, we pass by with people in the streets, in our workplaces like our colleagues, in the neighborhood, our friends, and even our own family members. Sometimes, we tend and try to understand people around us when there are things or situations something wrong about their responses and behavior,asking the questions why they act and why they speak that way? We may sometimes misinterpret how they talk, how they will respond and even to their gestures they show. In some cases in our lives,we may sometimes blurted out if we cannot contain anymore the sensations we felt in our body like stiffness of the heart, heavy shoulders or numbness when anger arises. We may sometimes respond negatively or more to the person/s whom we felt and encountered negatively. Thus, we go down to their level. How does resiliency important to our life then? How could we be resilient? let us always be reminded by tracking down the sensations we felt and find always a resource on how to cope with the situation. That may be hard and not all of us would have the same reaction when negative situation comes in. However,being resilient that is to be practiced every day makes everything and everyone less miserable and even friendlier and worry-free. It would always start in our very selves. Be resilient.

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  • Hezam, Thank you for your comment on this. I am always proud of you. Yes, we should be resilient Hezam especially the kind of environment and the kind of people we always encounter. We may sometimes fail and entertain much of our negative emotions but to be able to recover quickly and manage to resource and keep track of the positive side of who we are is certainly amazing. I would love to see you post your blog my dear.

  • Good day ma'am Joy, now I know the meaning of resilient, sometimes people are seldom to solve their problems because they felt anger when it comes to difficult circumstances.

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