Rescue The Bees

Bee,a kind of a lovely insect,was always known as a representation of hard working .Did you know the bee has played a great role in the nature ?It's useless for flowers to have bright colour without bees ,of course ,pollination is impossible.But now ,they are facing a living crisis .

   With the development of our society ,more and more pollution was pour into the environment ,it may be a little harmful to human being,but to animals ,especially the little bees ,it was poison .So more and more abnormal phenomenon was appeared recently,as reported,the number of bees have reduce 10-30% in Europe ,even more than 30% in Unite States,in the past ten years. 

   Einstein has warned that human being's extinction will come in four years after bee's .we must take measures to survive them , not only for them,but also for us .

   ( It's the frist time to publish my blog  ,always limited by my english level ,I hope you can help me pointing out my mistakes ,thanks for reading and wish to see your comment.)

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  • Spring time is bee time . I love bees and butterflies. Right ,we won’t see the beautiful flowers without bees.

    In my country, we have bee farms . We grow many flowers which give the sweet nectar for the bees. The bees turns nectar into honey.  We use honey for adding in foods , cosmetics ,fragrance and many more :)

  • ok.... nice blog Dustin... I'll start loving Bees
  • Hello Dustin,

    you wrote a nice and interesting blog.I've read about it in the Learn English section of the EC:

    Honey bee is disappearing-written by Tara Benwell

    and Hanane also wrote a good and attentive blog about this probleme:here

    Nice job,keep on writing and your English will improve(which is already not bad ) even better!

  • No bees, no pollination,and then no food,the result is that we will die out in four years
  • "Einstein has warned that human being's extinction will come in four years after bee's."


    Oh no! I better be nice to the bees in my yard then, if I wanna live long, eh?

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