Reasons for Being.

Have you ever wondered why do we have to see the beauty around us? Have you ever realized why we have to appreciate the presence of someone beside us? Have you ever realized why do we want to feel that we are counted? Have you ever thought of the true meaning for why we cry when we get hurt? Have you ever felt so weak that you found yourself sincerely grieving for a lost friend or a loved one? Have you ever pondered why we are always in search for some things we really don't even know what? Do we really care?
Do we really love?

Are the things and insights we see and feel not enough to give us the true meaning of happiness?
Are these not enough for us to learn how to live in harmony?
Are these not enough to make us understand that we are all here living as human beings?
Is it not time to admit that we really need one another?
Is it not time to show that we sincerely care for each one?

Now may I ask, have you ever asked yourself why?

Written by: -lynne-

Date written:  February 19, 2009

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  • Thanks Arlene for stopping by.

    I am grateful that you could share your opinion on this matter. We are all faced with the same questions whatever the distance.

    Wishing you a nice day!

  • Very well said, Peppo. Thanks for your explanation. I understand that reality will unfold itself at a right time.... bearing in mind that we just have to pass the small pebbles so that we can cross the mountain.

    Have a nice day!

  • Hi lynne,
    I also asked those questions to myself before an i seek for my purpose in this world, my life was full of uncertainty, doubts and fear but when I knew about God everthing changed.
    Now i enjoy God's blessings ( nature, family, friends, opportunities) and face each day with hope and courage. Knowing God is in control and believing that He have prepared something great for me in the future gives me comfort and peace inspite of the trials/problems...

    Lets appreciate life and people around us.Be grateful always and dont compare our life to others but instead work for a better life..

    Good day everyone!
  • Dear Lynne

    I never ask my self why. But when something happens, I start to think what is the reason and purpose of this. Then I realized it’s not good to think too much. The questions will be answered and the problem will dissolve itself, just the matter of time. All we need to do just going through this live with the best part of us, be good to everyone and take every bad thing for granted. 

  • Hi Evangelina!

    Thanks for your remark. Yes, we still have some things to be grateful for. Sometimes, we just forget to look on the other side...

    Good day!

  • Hello Setareh!

    Your opinion could help clear any ambiguity in other people's lives.

    Thanks for sharing your opinion.

    Have a nice day.

  • Hi Sameer Shah! True meaning will come at a right time.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Good day!

  • Hi Abiba!

    Yes, you're right. Thanks for being transparent. Hoping your perception will help others find their way.

    Good day!

  • Dear Lynne, sometimes asking so many questions like why I am here, why i can not do anything to help people who are in need or why i can not bring drastic changes in myself and world and so many other whys which make me bewildered. The only thing i know is that instead of asking so many why i should be happy and thankful for all the wonderful things that i have and i should do whatever i can to help others to be happy too, because this is the real happiness.

  • I do not understood properly what do you say, but it is nice  

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