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A famous saying by an Indian guru still resonate in my mind " one can say he knows a tree or a table , but no one can say that he knows a human " the guru argues his point of view proofing that human don't have a stable nature and they change all the time . You can't be judgemental if you are speaking about a human being and I try to remind myself with this all the time .                    

Even those who are so brutal have their bright side.                                                                      
When our true inner selves are revealed or the truth of others are shown in front of our eyes , are precious moments of what are the others or even our selves are made of . There are many situations that can give us hints or knock a bell for us to be cautious about people . Situation where we can smell the beautiful fragrance of a good soul or hold our noses from rotten smells . It's when we tell someone a secret , people who keep secrets are reliable and honest , it's when we deal financially with someone . This a situation that show the other side integrity , some try to steal you just because , you don't bargain about the price . It is also when you are volunerable weak , sick , old or a child . It is also clear in long term relationships like marriage , where couples can't hide what they are in real after the honeymoon. Marriage is one of the tasting experiences that show us  our realitit's.                                                                                                     

     On the other hand , disagreement is a tasting situation as well . Because as long as you can argue with someone and show him your opinion without ending with a big fight . You can say that he / she is an open minded person. Because  many people tend to be good as long as you are nodding your head . Your " No" is the button that change the whole relationship .                        
Many and many alarms that are everywhere  .sometimes a guys that we used to expect the worest from them turning on to be our heroes.   

There's  no final episode  nor a fixed judgement
Even professional stages performers stop doing it for a time and act bad with their fans or audience . No one can flee his / her real inner self .
" the cloth of delusion is transparent " what is horrible is when a person believe his own lies , while the others knows or see his truth  . Thus his blindness  might lead him to a deadly end

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