"Looking for a pot of gold" written by Arleen Amidjaja

My precious moment for the first time I read the kids storybook in English for my niece. I wonder she listened to me attentively even though she has not understood yet. Could you find what is the message of this story? Thank you!
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  • Apa kabar Hadiyah, ini linknya:


    This is the link for The Wedding. Enjoy reading.

  • Ohh sorry Mr. Dara Gino, I have no much time here, I am in hurry!

    probably at another time, thank you to visit my blogs! the next time I will stop by to yours.

    where's your link?

  • Selamat malam Hadiyah. Aku tak faham, kenapa kamu tidak mau meliht blog saya, pernikah dan koment? Silakhan, bilang salam saya untuk niya. If she slept that day, it meant that she understood it. If you have time, see The Wedding!

  • @dara gino


  • Semoga kamu baik, Nadiyah. Lama tidak ada ngobrol. silakhan melihat blog saya, pernikahan dan koment. Long time no chat. I hope you see The Wedding and give me your point of view. Thanks!

  • Really? Ahh It makes my day! thank you Sewar ;-) Happy New Year!

  • 2388599477?profile=original         Your accent in English is very cute. Have a nice day my friend.

  • Maybe saving a baby bird is better than finding gold anyway!

  • Thanks Teacher Nadira, you got it. I will post the script of this story soon ...

  • Dearest  Nadiyah

    You are an awesome  story teller !  It  is  related  with  good  voice interpretation  and  makes  this story of  moral  on not  to be greedy interesting to a baby .  It  would  be nice  if we  could  read the script too  

    Thumbs  up  dear 

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