Reading Challenge

Reading Challenge

Hey Friends,

Is there anybody who is in love with the books and reguarly read different genres of the books no matter whether it is fiction or non-fiction...I have been reading books for years and sometimes we have been reading some books in Turkish along with friends during some months within the scope of a reading challenge.

To this aim, I am here to invite you to read two books along with me 

First one is Human Acts by Yan Kang ( and second one is The Clown by Heinrich Böll ( )

Lemme know whether you are volunteer for this enjoyable trip:)


Best regards




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  • Hi, Batuuu,
    I've just finished reading human acts. It wasn't an 'enjoyable trip', but that I already knew after skimming it last week. ;)
    I find it definitely worth reading. And I'll try tomorrow to write something about the first story in this book. Well, maybe it will take some days. It's not an easy task for me.
    Have you started reading yet?

    Greetings! :)

    • i also read the book<. are you going to share your opinion as to book? and what other books are u going to read?

      • Hi, Batuuu, yes, I'm going to share my thoughts about the book. I've already written and recorded something, but the substance of the book makes it hard for me to write just a little comment like I would do with some plane novel. It's going to take some time. 

        I want to read The Clown next. 

        • Yeah you are right about the book . I didn't know that the book was based upon an uprising taken place in 1980s and was similar to some coup attempts in Turkey before 1990s...

        • Well i have already read it . lemme know if you have any book in your mind for coming month after the clown , I would like to read along with you . reading along with someone makes me get motivated better than reading alone ...

          • Oh, I understand, but I won't be able to read additional books this year. I have a 10 hours workday, and I'm taking an exam in December. Next year I will have time for this again. 

    • well i started to read and so far i have read 20 pages. It goes well even though the crux of the books is what we go through recently across the world. I am happy that you find it worth of reading. I also read the clown, so the speed of reading is under my expectations...along with my bad english

      • Hey, that's great, Batuuu.
        I mean it's a challenge! For me English wasn't the problem, but the story of the boy and his people. It took longer for me to read than usual, and sometimes I was reluctant to read further, and it cost me a lot of struggle at many days. I couldn't read a different book at the same time like this one, because for me the fate of those people deserve my attention and respect. But I often read up to 10 scientific books at the same time. There it makes sense to me. I will wait before I start with the clown till I have written my thoughts down about human acts. 

        Keep reading and see you around! :)) 

        • btw, human acts is second book written by this author ı have read. The previous one was "The Vegetarian" and the book was impressive. take a look how it is if you have some spare time

          • Yeah, I know that book.  

            I'm vegan and I've studied psychology. ;) It has sad similarities with the truth in many families.  


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