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  • Ibrahim, it took me an hour to understand your logic :)) So I have a proof that I'm a real woman :D

  • christoper james, thanks for sharing your opinion))) 

  • So interesting blog

    with talking about the word woman we should mention the following facts :

    Fact No. 1:

    The word WOMAN consists of five letters. 

    let`s see about that

    exp. No.1: (w-1  o-2  m-3  a-4  n-5 )  Result: fact proved. DONE

    Fact No.2: By changing the second letter from the right into E it will form the plural

    exp. No.2: (woman 'singular' ----> women 'plural') Result: fact proved. DONE

    Fact No.3: By changing the second letter from the left HERE APPEARS THE TRUTH.

    exp. No.3: (woman 'Fake'     ----> 'Truth') Result: Woman is a man in hidden form. DONE


  • This blog made me laughed. The way you elaborate the things men think about women. Its like more sex more than other things. hehehe. nice blog though 

  • May in the kitchen, thanks for sharing your opinion, darling :D

  • @Anele.. the right one is: the success of a man will always be because of a woman beside ..."not behind" ... so what do you think? It looks better right :)
  • Ramnord 1, thanks of sharing your thoughts) 

  • as well as we can't live without men :) 

  • looool just kidding ... We accept the fact that we can not live without women  :) .... 

    Nothing worth more than wakes up every morning and the one you love next to you .... with all bad and good things   .... And I agree with you "there is no perfect man :) "

  • Anyway, girls, young and mature, remember: there's no ideal people in this world :) so waiting for your dream, people, can turn into: 


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