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  • Beeee, my Beloved , I like that blog really so much, the pictures you used enhanced your idea so much...I think that men usually blame women for mistakes that are theirs..MOreover, they care only about their needs , no matter what women feel or suffer..ANyway, nice blog Bee:*


  • green, a nice comment ;))))

  • men is like a pen, you can use and through it into a dustbin. Why to use again and again  !!!!!

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  • Smile, people :) 

  • Every part in the equation has a marvelous role and without it the whole equation would be meaningless and the other parts will have no value.

    But it was for joke. I hope no one is mad from it.

  • if men has no love in their brain,how do they love women

  •  Ibrahim , :P

  • Not exactly, i think u miss the point which is scientifically proved. :D

    1- Woman consists of 5 letters.

    2-By changing the second letter from the right side into .e. it becomes a plural.

    3-Here appears the truth by changing the second letter too into .e. -but from the left side this time- it gives us weman which may be read -after chemical separation- WE MAN.

    I guess u understand it now.

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