Random Feeling

How hard it is

When the heart wrenches

For the step, you didn’t take

The decision you couldn’t make

For the one, you loved the most

“Time heals everything”

Is nothing but a delusional sin

It descends you into grieve-full hell

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  • O! You must have lost someone precious. Yet life never ends. You can find more precious pearls if you keep your heart open. Sometimes we feel that sth is good for us, yet truly it is not.

    • Thank you for your kind words. You're right that life never ends, but it doesn't go peacefully either. "What if" and "I wish" hang above one's head as a pendulum axe.  

  • Are the words, yours,  jd ?

    Sad but sound.

    Time doesn't heal, you are right. It only teaches you how to live with pain and sometimes even not to notice that. 

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    • Even if we don't notice it, the pain remains inside us. Burning. Growing. Then it erupts abruptly and burns inside out.

      • But...with time we learn to live with this pain inside..getting used to its fire and letting it be inside us. Life goes on. Whatever happens in it. Either we want it or not. Just wait. And try to survive. 

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