Ramadan flight

Ramadan airlines announce the departure of its flight number  1437 H  to the sake of Allah. The trip takes thirteen to fourteen hours every day starting from the first day of the month of Ramadan till  the end of the month. All  passengers are welcome aboard and are kindly requested to fast during the trip. There are some instructions to be followed. Smoking, eating or drinking are not allowed.  Our trip is a chance for the stomach to rest during the flight.

  For eleven months, we eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. We can eat snacks between these meals. During this trip this process will be hanged or suspended from the departure time at dawn till its final destination at sunset. From the medical point of view, our trip is healthy for the stomach and the body as a whole. The stomach digests the food that comes from the mouth and then it distributes it to the heart, kidney and other organs of the body. Our stomachs have been doing this for a long time. Now you are with us on this flight and it's time for its maintenance. Here the maintenance is Godly. The ticket's price is very cheap. No cash is needed or credit card. The intention to be on this flight is its price. They are some benefits from this flight:-

1-               Ramadan flight is for the sake of Allah

2-                It  cleanses the self from its dirt and bad deeds.

3-                 Hunger. All the passengers on board are fasting ones. they  intuit the poor people who don't have today's food.

4-               It teaches patience and perseverance.

5-               Passengers can recite Quraan.

6-               The last ten days of Ramadan flight are the best days for praying, itikaf

7-               Lailaitul agadr, (the night of power).

8-               The passengers on this flight enter Jannah through Arayan gate.

9-               They are rewarded by their God.

10-          Ramadan flight is the fourth pilar of Islam.


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  • Halet chetori Bama? Mamnoon! Thanks for your nice comment on Ramadan flight!
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  • Daro, yes. fasting is beneficial to our health. Thanks so much for this lesson.

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  • Min alfaizeen ya Ahmed. thanks for your comment. happy eid.

  • nice words and happy eaid fitr

  • Wishing you and my fellow brothers and sisters a peaceful and meaningful journey celebrating this occasion. 

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  • Semoga kabar kamu baik Ka_ty. Saya suka penciptaan dan say suka orang orang suka penciptaan. Excuse my broken Bahasa. Thanks for your nice comment on Ramadan flight.

  • Good blog , Dara. Written in creative way. :)

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