Yeah guys, it is true. Our Mary was suspended from English club. Mary, who made this place  much more interesting, funnier and entertaining. Mary, who was always sincere, didn't like double standards and narrow-minded attitude. I can hardly imagine English club without our Catwoman, who made smile on many faces, who was supportive and kind, patient and very intelligent. She always came up with several interesting topics and you have to admit many of them were new to us and widened our horizons.

Well.. I am able to understand everything, just I didn't get, why her blog about her muslim friend was deleted without any single explanation, which logically made her feel upset and that's why she reposted it and reacted like she did..

You know, I think rules should be followed, that's why we have them here. Just why the same rules can't be applied on everybody? To be more specific, let me add that Not discussing publicly religion is one of the rules. We have moderators here and in this case I don't understand, why any moderator has never noticed so many religious blogs posted by Lady Noor and haven't deleted them? What about blogs by Dara Gino such as Ashura 1439H,  10 days of thullhija, hajj part one, hajj part two, hajj conclusion, Ashura, Day one Tarwiyah, Day two Arafah and others? Are these blogs not religious and invisible for our moderators? Blogs by Mishaikh dedicated to islam are also here.. What about White Knight with his blog Helping others in need (Ramadan special)? I m pretty sure there are many, many others. All these blogs have one in common... Their subject is religion - Islam. Thinking long and hard I hardly remember blogs about Christianity (maybe Risty posted one), budhism or hinduism etc. So here comes the question: WHY ARE SUCH KIND OF BLOGS ALLOWED HERE? In fact I find it a bit propaganda as religion is personal, individual matter of each member, right?

Anywayz, let's get back on track. What has Mary done? She just posted a blog about real story of her muslim friend who changed her clothing style and liked it. What's wrong about it? Would it be okay the other way around if she described her let's say Spanish friend starting to wear hijab? I bet such blog would survive here without problems...

Honestly speaking, I am really sad about this situation and I wish her account would be brought back to life because she is one of the old members, who made EC heart beating...

Mr. ESSBERGER, please think about it at least for a while.. (ehmm...before suspending me).. Hehe


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  • To angel   :))) hugs 

  • Okay people......this is old news.......let us leave it.......why drag on and on........a suspension was given and the price paid........why keep beating a dead horse?????  You are better and bigger than that.......go on about what you enjoy here.......this thing has been hashed over to the point it is in shreds........text can be misunderstood or can be written  in such a way that it seems one way when the intentions were not bad ones........give that shadow of a doubt when reading please.........stop poking the dog....LOL......PLEASE!!!!!!  HUGGGGGGGGGGGG

  • To marry   :) will you read my comment carefully i did not mean you.Moreover i dunno you' additionally i dont wanna know you.But i didnt get why you are angry.i have just given an example.Read it carefully.Plus' i told them luci not to you    ::::) 

  • I have confirmed that Lady Noor was not SUSPENDED she CLOSED HER ACCOUNT HERSELF. She may come back whenever she likes.
  • I don't want to say anything else than:

    Welcome back, MARY. Stay brave!

  • To MARY, 

    Finally... after this mess.... 

    Let me tell my opinion about this matter. Well when I read your blog to reply L.N's blog, I was offended because you translated and picked the random verses which is not related... even I'm muslim I can't pick a random verse to judge a case because I don't have super good knowledge about that... (im not going to talk about this anymore).

    Then, I do agree that I think nothing's wrong with your blog about what to wear... here you just give your opinion and share your friend's story and we can take the moral value from that. So when it was deleted, you were really pissed off. 

    Mary, I see that you are kinda sensitive sometimes even though I don't know you for so long. But I can see myself in you that sometimes I can get easily angry and be sensitive. The worst thing I do when I get angry is... I say/do something bad that insults people... I keep learning to handle my own temper. So, yeah I just want to say and motivate you as well to keep quiet or do something more ellegant when you are pissed off, not only for the others but yourself as well. Sometimes silence is a gold... so keep doing your best and let's improve ourselves! Cheers!

  • Okay, dear,  I read you here and got a clear picture, thank you for letting us know the fact. But, do not get too much mad, okay....lol. And, Welcome back, keep writing let us read and enjoy them. Take care!

  • Camel, what the hell are you talkin' about??? You didn't even read my blog, you don't know sh*t. So plz, go... erm... okay, I don't wanna be suspended again 'cause of someone who doesn't worth.

    and same for Zina.

  • Certainly there is no problem to tell her friend clothe or what da hell it is.But if you write this with evil intension and not sort out the boys from the men as well as generalizing' then it is problem.Just be oyt of the circle and see the big picture.I dont mean maryy.Just example if an idiot generalize about all muslim women i cant see here good intension.Moreover' if one compels to wear hijab a woman i totally disagree with this.in the same path if you isolate and degrade a woman just because of her life style(wearing hijab) i disagree this also.Now just be honest luci you know also which intension she wrote it.dont play the dumb

    This domain may be for sale!
  • Luci, I've told you many times but I won't stop repeating it again and again. You're awesome! :)

    Also thank you so much for your support and words to Danny, Roman, Rose, Moloko, Estanis, Adaline, Rahul, Svitlana, Oporazita, Champ, bet (no matter if we don't agree sometimes), Kal... you guys really touched me, I'm never gonna forget your nice support.

    SNR, I wrote the blog you mention as reply to the one of L.N. I'd never have written a blog like that if it wasn't because i wanted to use the same rules of L.N., to make moderators understand how her blogs were seen by other cultures. I was provoking on purpose to force moderators to delete L.N's blog if they wanted to delete mine. They hid both and I found that fair. Nothing to complain about it.

    The problem came when someone deleted a blog I wrote about a muslim friend of mine. It was titled "Wear anything you want" and there I was supporting my friend, who decided to take off her hijab. But ALSO reminding her right to wear hijab at work if she wanted, and ALSO supporting women if they decide (freely) to cover themselves. And that blog was unfairly deleted. I got mad for that, I copied/pasted and added an intro with no very nice words towards L.N.'s stuff. I cesored myself that later, but I got banned/suspended for that (I guess).

    And that's the story. 
    I'd like just to add that when i got suspended, I didn't have any info if it was an irreversible decision or just temporary. It seems when someone is 'suspended' is only temporary; that's something I've learnt now. But I didn't know it and the message I got only gave me the chance to delete all my content. I just wanted to save some of my stuff so I picked not to delete anything just in case I could come back. And here, I've to add that L.N. probably was suspended too and she picked to delete everything, and that's why she's not here. And what many people here probably don't know is that, before being we both suspended, some people commented in this blog I copied/pasted. One of them, our moderator Onee-chan, reminding me some rules (something normal she has to do as 'moderator') and right after Onee-chan's comment, L.N. showed up saying that Onee-chan wasn't being 'tough' enough with me and what she called "my street language", and she threatened to leave for that... How nice of hers, to leave making feel bad for that to one of the few friends and supporters she had... But c'est la vie.

    Anyway... I'm sorry for all the mess I'd have made (even if I had reasons to be mad) I know I'm annoying sometimes and I've a very bad temper when I'm pissed off. I try not to talk or do anything when i get mad, but well... I'm just human after all.

    1 million times again: THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of you who had nice words for me.

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