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  • Hey Dear Olgaaaaaaaa!!!

    Thanks for being such a wonderful friend. 

    Love you :)) 

  • Nothing to add.. very true. 

    Good choice of quote 👍

  • Have a lovely day, Olga! :)

    • The Lord bless you and keep you, Onee. You, and your beloved ones.

      With love,


  • This is your humble-mindedness,

    • I am working with it....)))) Hoping to right all that is wrong )))

      Thanks, Sekhar, for stopping by.

  • Thank you for being so nice to me  O.M 




    • I love you, Fuzzy )))Let me hug you )))

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  •    Yes  , people teach us big lessons . Some are too hard to accept  . There are some who are completely  fake like soap bubbles  , how bigger and colorful they appear  they explode  fast . They don't  stay  . 

          I just wonder why people who hurt others so much act as if they are victims   . 

      Nice quote  Olga 🌷

    • Such a good observation and metaphor, Rosemary. Soap bubbles...indeed. As for the victims...not so far ago I read a book....and it's said that it is our fault here. They behave like this cos we let them do this to us.  

      Here is to work with our self-respect and esteem. The less we let people treat us the way we don't want...the fewer people of this kind will be around. Something like this. 

      Thank you, Rosemary 

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