Quiz 10 - THE RESULT

This is the RESULT of your quiz based on Lesson 10 (Other Prepositions).  Percentage is computed by the following formula:  

                      Raw Score/Total Number of Items x 100 = %

CONGRATULATIONS to SAMUEL, NIDA, VISION, HA NGUYEN, MISHAIKH, ONEE-CHAN, SETAREH, I AM VIETNAMESE, LIPGLOSS and RABAB who got the PERFECT score.  For those who were'nt able to make it, you still have your chance to shine in the MAJOR QUIZ.  Answer key is given to recheck your work.


Dear Learners, 

Welcome to QUIZ 10.  If you think you are not ready to take the quiz, click the icon below and it will take you to Lesson 10.

If you are ready to take the quiz, please  read the WARNING first before you proceed to the QUIZ PROPER.  Read and follow the instructions carefully before typing your final answers in the comment box.

WARNING:  This is a moderated blog.  It means you can't see your answer if you press the button "Add Comment".  Review again your answers because your first entry will be considered as the final answer.

You will see your score and your answers on May 6, 2015.  Give your BEST, dear Learners.


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  • Again I made a mistake. I guess I have a problem with getting the full score. kekeke

    I tested myself as I came too late. 

  • 1. For 2. About 3.to 4.of 5.To 6. To. 7.for 8.on 9.from. 10.at

  • @lady anne,, I really love how you work for us in our English, especially like me whose having problem about it... thnks lady Anne. Your a good teacher,,,

    and a good comedian tooooooooooo!!!!! :D:D:D:D

  • Samuel is right, dear Learners.  Neither these quizzes are intended to brag about members who are superior than the others or above the others nor demean those members who haven't made a satisfactory score.  

    It is my desire to display your scores for several reasons: 

    1.  This can inspire the topnotchers to be diligent in remembering the lesson

    2.  This will challenge the unsatisfied learners to study more. 

    3.  This will become interesting for the learners to be competitive.

    4.  This will serve as a reviewer for those who already knew the lessons.

    5.  Participation will be a "looking forward to" activity because you are anticipating for the result of your answers.

    6.  You learn by remembering your mistake.

  • Congratulations, everyone!! :)

    Thanks, Anne, for all your efforts. So nice of you. I learned a lot. :)

  • Thanks  Nimzaf for your congratulations and I agree with Samuel. Happy learning! 

    Thanks Anele for your congratulations, too. Let's see if I have to ask you again "where is my top" lol 

    Nimzaf's Page
    Nimzaf's Page on MyEnglishClub
  • Nimzaf, Sorry, I did not see your congratulate but now. You are a very respected friend. The result is not important, what is important is that these quizzes are very useful because we always learn from them, and we always learn from our mistakes. Best wishes to you and all the friends to achieving the goal and improve our English language. Thank you very much.

  • Thanks so much dear Anne for your great lessons and quizzes, you spent your precious time to prepare them, It's a pity I missed two of them, I hope I haven't any internet problem for major exam.

  • Many thanks to you for your time, Lady Anne.. :) Now, I'm curious about MAYOR QUIZ, how it will be..hehe. I hope I can maintain my score. :))

    Thank you Nimzaf...And great effort for all. Let's start harder for tomorrow.. :))

  • Lady Anne,Thank you so much for your useful quizzes, I hope that it will continue to make us study hard.

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