•°○ Putting Others in My Own Shoes ○°•

         I have just discovered one of my distraught ways of thinking . This mean that I give other people excuses and justification according to my own conditions or circumstances . It's funny and paradoxal but I do it again and again , even if there size of their feet can't get into my small tiny shoes . I keep looking toward people from my own prospective. Since , I belong to a family of readers and books scattered everywhere except for the kitchen and the rest room . I am used to talk about books and share every new information with others . It's the most fascinating thing for me and the most frustrating things for some other people . I remember an infuriating look from a woman I shared some medical information with her . Me and my big mouth she looked at me saying , I think you should be a councilor . After , her comment I stopped talking with her in my own way . I stopped showing the real me , few short words were enough . Maybe , I am too sensitive or I rush to conclusions quickly. People don't want to get into my shoes and I have tried to let them but I have failed. Some just plateaued at a certain mindset refusing to change. I guess I will walk barefoot. While dealing with people brains. It's safer and more effective. I need to look carefully where to put my feet only .


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  •    Thanks dear O.M. for your nice words :) have a nice day my dear friend :) 

  • Oh, Rosemary )))) You took the words right out of my mouth!!!! You have just described my own thoughts. what we have to learn in life is that as many people, as many opinions. But the most important lesson was in the words below: 


    Life is much easier now... I just do not see the point to pay attention to such people as that woman who advised you to be a councilor...That was just mean and hurt you...

    Thanks for sharing ))

  •   May Allah take us all there Mishaikh  :) I don't say bad things about others generally 

        Hello satya  :) are new here ? 

  • It is very simple keep your tongue under your control.  On this, you know, Jannah will be awarded. 

  • hello friends am satya.

  • " should not worry about the consequences and disapproval of people "
    Thanks Persona and have a nice day :)

  •  I figured out that it is fault of you to change other mind set you can express your own differences but never try to change other mind set and tried to live between Central Line of two differences I mean never be too serious. Maybe somebody wants To to accommodate the differences without being changed. Cheers

  • I guess I will walk barefoot. While dealing with people brains. It's safer and more effective. Lol  First you must be  conscious before expressing your thought and once you are sure the statement made with honesty and sincerity then should not worry about the consequences and disapproval of the people, basically anything new and strange at first attempt is rejected but with the passage of time after reviewing it over and over again it may be taken into consideration.  It then begin working and  there comes a time when the truth will reveal. 

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