Psychologist says:

#If a person laughs too much even in stupid things, he is lonely deep in side. # If a person sleeps a lot he is sad.# If a person speaks less but speaks fast, he keeps secret.#If someone can't cry, he is weak .# If someone eats in an abnormal manner, he is tense # If someone cries on a little things, he is innocent and softhearted. #If someone becomes angry over silly or petty(small) things, it means he needs love.... try to understand people more....

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  • hmmm...i've seen this before, so now i'll make a check list as what i am on the :D

    -laughs too much

    -speaks less but speaks fast

    -cries on a little things

    -becomes angry over silly or petty(small) things

    4/7 traits...goshh!

  • good studies 

    thank you 

  • I also agree with these sayings but it doesn't mean that people have to behave like that forever or for their past life. Life changes and we know we are strong enough to change for better.
  • I don't always agree with them.  These are generalizations.  So each case is not always true with everybody.

    Thanks for sharing, Eli!

  • I totally agree with these sayings, I think people behave like that, because of what they have experienced in the past.

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