It's very sad to know that preparing grade in my country destroys our kids minds, deprives them of living their childhood and prohibits them from acquiring their cultural heritage, such as Arabic.
Could you imaging that this grade only teaches about 20 key words of the mother tongue in the whole year?! The rest is nothing but exersices, exersices and more exersices witch do not teach kids neither time nor places or experiances!!
Kids don't need school tools under seven years old, they only need to play, and play and play well and also discover their world, they need to taste their mother language and love reading from books, stories and poems.
I am very angry with those whom are responsible of this dangerous plan and l blame who knows and can do something to change and keep watching without doing anything in order to stop this big betrayal to our loved kids and beloved country..

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  • That's it! You said that kids in your country learn how to read a short text...that needs from kids to know the letters very well after that how to combine words in to read a text after that.

    Do you know that in my country they teach kids words before letters?!!...I don't know how do they do it...because I didn't learn like that in my childhood...everything has changed last years...and now even in middle school (15 years old) the pupil can't say a single correct sentence in his mother language!!!!

  • Hi Camelia!

    Kids under 7 in my country learn about ABC and some groups of words both in my Native Language and English. They learn how to read short text, some lines. They learn numbers (especially 1 to 10), how to count them, and combination with words. The rest are playing with friends and training their creativity, I don't know much more. 

    Two years under 7 will learn like that, but this is not a compulsion. They do not have to take it.

  • Hello one-chan!

    I've read in your comment that in your country you don't have the same problem..Could you please describe what your kids learn under 7 years old?

  • Hello nida!
    I am glad to see you again sister!
    You are right about what you have mentioned about teaching my kids in my way if I didn't like the way I described above, I am a techer also and I have conscious...What's happening to our mother tongue is a crime can't be keep scilent about it and our kids are victimes, they need to be saved...This is not a personal problem we have to solve, people need awareness at first because most of them doesn't know or even believe!

  • Isn't age 7 a bit too late to start school? Although I do agree with you that teaching only 20-40 words of mother tongue during a whole academic year and confining a child to a chair is absolutely wrong, I disagree that increasing the age of admission in school is the solution. In my personal opinion, and you have every right to disagree with me, the real issue is the method of teaching. The teachers need to be trained and syllabus needs improvement. Also you must teach your child at home if you're not satisfied with what he or she is being taught at school. Moreover, allow them to play in the evenings and on weekends. Take them to places and tell them about your culture. This way you can save their minds from destructive effects of preparing grade.

  • I don't know what to say... The kindergarten in my country has a lot of targets we should achieve, I guess. I don't know much but I think it's not too bad. Best wishes to kids in your country, Camelia.

  • You can't stop it dear. That's what has been happening all over Africa. We are losing our language and culture to alien ones. But like I said, you can make a difference with your own child. May Allah help and guide you.

  • You're right dear Salma!
    It's really difficult to stop this plan because there are strong foreign and secret hands whom have protected this plan in our country for more than 50 years.
    Only one hand doesn't clap, teachers and parents have to be united to rescue our kids in the near future, because our kids are our future.

  • That's too bad! But you know what? You can make up for whatever your child is missing by teaching him at home so long as you are determined. After all, in the study of child psychology,  it is said that the school only gives you 25/30% and the rest is up to you. You could even start your own school to meet up for those demands coz I'm sure there are concerned parents out there just like you. It's easy to say, but if we're determined, we can do anything!

  • Hello dear Salma!
    First of all, thanks for comment and condolence :)
    Preparing grade is similar to what you have mentioned.. but not of the same objectives because
    those books which kids learn from give the simplest example of the Arabic language..and ask to do exersices in that for the whole year (20 or even 40 words in the year is too poor for a child to learn about his mother language).. not just that, the child is confined to a chair and is not allowed to move during this learning process, that's makes him incapable to retain or discover his environment. While in the past when we were kids, we were able to retain the holy Quran (about 20 thousand word at least)  just before 7 or 8 years old..

    This has been plagued by developed countries where they decided to memorize their children about 400 poems or stories a year in order to gain their cultural heritage before 7 years old...this is also cannot be achieved if those children didn't feel free to play and discover their world.

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