Power or Money

The lady took her niece's hand and ushered her to sit next to her. She was in her late fifties. Her hair was gray and there were some wrinkles under her eyelids,  despite all that, she looked firm and commanding. She was rich, famous and powerful. Her husband died ten years ago leaving her no kids but a great fortune. She has been managing this for a long time. The companies that deal with the petrol were more than five major ones. Two in America, one was in Britain. For the  other two companies, one was in the gulf area and another one was  in Venezuela. There were also the branches for those companies scattered  all over the world. she wanted to train her niece to take care of this huge responsibility.

 Her niece was seventeen and she wanted her to understand how to manage such huge companies after her death. She was telling her about power. The girl was thinking that money was the power. Her aunt told her that money was only a mean to get you somewhere. Power is the target.  If you own the power, money can come easily. The aunt was hoping for the head of the parliament. She was elected as a member six years ago, and she was trying to get to that post since then. That is why she wanted her niece to think about power. But her niece is absolutely different from her. She thinks money is power. You can buy voters to elect you and vote for you. Or you can pay to get whatever you desire, as long as you have the ability to pay for it.

The girl came and sat beside her aunt. It is useless to discuss the matter with her. Each party is convinced with his own ideas. The aunt started to tell her niece to think about power seriously. There is something which cannot enter the little head of that girl. She thought to herself, we have more than fourteen companies all over the world. Our monthly net profit is nearly more than one seventy million dollars a month. My aunt is driving me crazy. What does she need? What is there to be put into consideration? 

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  • Money and power cannot be separated. As individual contributor, you usually earn less money as responsibilities are less complex. As you move up the ladder, you will have more powers and more money. Once you became business owner. The feeling of power will be on a new level. In this story, business is big enough to consider bring in political power. The young girl is too young to understand her aunt's point. No one is target. Power and money relies on each other to be successful.

    • Wow! wo tongyi ni de kanfa, Miya, dan you can have one of them. If you own the two of them, well, it is the perfectness in life which we are after. Here, let me disagree with you Miya. They can be separated from one another. You can have money and at the same time, you are not strong enough to defend yourself or your money.

      Look at those refugees from different parts of the world. They used to own buildings, elegant cars, big lands, and suddenly, everything has just vanished and gone. once more, I go with you Miya, the aunt wanted to use her money to get to power.  Her young niece does not understand that. Thanks, Miya for your nice intervention. 

  • Hello Dara

    I agree with Mohammad.

  • besides the story, I have one point to mention!

    That gulf has an ancient name and it is the "Persian Gulf".

    • Mumnoon Muhammad! The respected lady, Saba agrees with you and so am I. Thanks for your comment. 

  • I think both are a huge responsibility because both of them can you reach the top of succeed or can destroy totally. But definitively if you have one of them, then you can get the other, but I am not sure if the main point is how to get power or money, because you can get both in differente paths. The main thing here is how you are to deal with once you get there. For instance, you can make money working hard and knowing how to administrate your money, may be you can get start a bussinness and start making more money or you can exploit one abilty, probably speaking in public and become in some powerfull politician. But once you get there, how you are going to mantain tha power or money, I think that is the really question to think. And otherwise, once you get there...you will be the same person you were before? more nice or worst? Philosophy topic. Dont you think?

    • Creo que si, Julio! I like your intervention a lot. I also agree with you, they are both a huge responsibility. I just want to disagree with you regarding the other point. If you have the money, can you get the power? I know some people who were billionaires and just in a jiffy, they were asking people to give them food and shelter.

      The lady in our story thinks that power can beget or rather bring money and not the other way around. For your question, to maintain or to keep money or power, this is another headache. I will tell you a story regarding this matter but not now, maybe later. Thanks again for your nice comment on the topic, money or power. 

  • May I  know whats mean of sibasebo?

    • Hello Loma, I hope to be one of your friends. I will wait for the friend's request from you. Money and power look like, I won't say brothers but maybe cousins. Do you agree? Thanks for your question

  • no clue.. no clue at all..  =D

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