Power or Money

The lady took her niece's hand and ushered her to sit next to her. She was in her late fifties. Her hair was gray and there were some wrinkles under her eyelids,  despite all that, she looked firm and commanding. She was rich, famous and powerful. Her husband died ten years ago leaving her no kids but a great fortune. She has been managing this for a long time. The companies that deal with the petrol were more than five major ones. Two in America, one was in Britain. For the  other two companies, one was in the gulf area and another one was  in Venezuela. There were also the branches for those companies scattered  all over the world. she wanted to train her niece to take care of this huge responsibility.

 Her niece was seventeen and she wanted her to understand how to manage such huge companies after her death. She was telling her about power. The girl was thinking that money was the power. Her aunt told her that money was only a mean to get you somewhere. Power is the target.  If you own the power, money can come easily. The aunt was hoping for the head of the parliament. She was elected as a member six years ago, and she was trying to get to that post since then. That is why she wanted her niece to think about power. But her niece is absolutely different from her. She thinks money is power. You can buy voters to elect you and vote for you. Or you can pay to get whatever you desire, as long as you have the ability to pay for it.

The girl came and sat beside her aunt. It is useless to discuss the matter with her. Each party is convinced with his own ideas. The aunt started to tell her niece to think about power seriously. There is something which cannot enter the little head of that girl. She thought to herself, we have more than fourteen companies all over the world. Our monthly net profit is nearly more than one seventy million dollars a month. My aunt is driving me crazy. What does she need? What is there to be put into consideration? 

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  • Spasibo Irina! When will be able to speak half of the way you speak. I hope I practice more and more and be able to speak. Thanks for your supporting words.

  •  You are a professional teller. Thank you for sharing of your bright fantasies!

  • Xie xie Rita Chan! First of all, I am sorry about the disconnection while I was talking to you. The current went off and there was no connection at all. You go with the aunt. The aunt wanted power. shall we take the example of the American president-elect, Mr. Trump? You are right Rita. those who have power can gain a lot.  Thanks for sending me the friend request. 

  • I like the story, but in facts the one who has power he can get more money than the one who doesn't. The one who has a lot of money may get power easier than others who don't have.

  • Inti tamuri ya Rosemary. I am glad that you liked my story. I want to add something, I would not prefer the idea of having millions. It might destroy my life. A very weird assumption I should say. But we got used to little amounts. When you suddenly find your account filled with millions of dollars, believe me, it will let us go in different directions. Thanks Rosemary for your nice comment!

  • Querido Joseph, yo creo en Jesus. I believe in Jesus Christ. You mean money can buy a lot of things but not everything. I can buy with it an elegant bedroom but it is useless to give me a good sleep.I can buy the most expensive medicine in the world but it will be unable to give me health. That reminds me of a rich man who cannot eat due to the loss of all his teeth. the food is either mixed or ground to be given to him. He said, "Take all my wealth and let me eat" Many thanks, my dear friend, Joseph!

  • Main nahi pata, mumkin main galti samjgiya, Arif janab. Main samajgiya, tumara matlab, acha ageeda tagat or sakti. I understood that faith is power. Believing in Allah is power. No problem as long as you will correct my misunderstanding, and I will appreciate it, too. 

  • Money is not enough for happiness, because.

    Money can buy a house but not a home,

    money can buy a bed but not sleep

    Can buy sex, but not love.

    Can buy medicines, but not health.

    Can buy a book, but not intellegence. 

    Can buy a watch, but not the time.

    Can buy a tumb, but not eternity.

    Only Jesus has what we need to live in this life with peace, love and joy.

  • No, Gino you didn't get even single word of my comment. Please improve your comprehensive skill.
  • Bilkul sahih hain. Arif janab, tumara koment bahut acha hain. I agree with each word you said. We don't want money to chase us. The real power is the strong faith. In other words, money cannot bring power or dignity. Nice comment, my dear good friend.
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