To the dictionaries, the notion of "politician" is described as a member of govermentment or  a law-making organization. In all countries no matter what the system of government or management system is, there are politicians. You can see those politicians with different nationalities, skins, traditions or cultures in the United States, Latin america Countries , Europe or in any other countries in any continent. The most common, popular and mutual feature of these politicians is same; They all are liars and they almost all are the man of the position rather than being the man of the mission, liabilities and responsibilities. They are pretty good at blabbering, exaggerating and persuasion. Within the duration of the elections , those people show all of their skills to the citizens to get confused and convinced along with their promises and commitments.

To put it into simple terms, the space chances, the time chances, but the history repeats itself, All of politicians are always being greedy, arrogant and snob. They always forget where they come from . The blood,bleeding, slaughtering, harassment and hurting are their ways of the motivation. From the time of Adam to this century, the grim reality has never changed...

Is there any solution to get rid of this diseased individual? or Is it a requirement to have politicians in democratic governance? As a consequence of our free will, we choose/or select those people but the only thing they do is to rub salt in a wound and to put a strain on somenone's nerve.

Let us know what your opinions based upon your observations

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  • I agree with Estanis 100%.  I also think so at the time of election "bad is better than worse". And politicians reflect  our society. 

  • Arif Unfortunately most of politicians or people aiming being deputy are coming with the intention of occupation a seat in the parliment and benefit from that extremely high and lifelong pension...And it seems that corruption and distortion even affect naive-minded politicians. To this aim, a future like that is not in my expectations.

    Estanis Definitely feel your concerns and couldnt agree with more you. I believe that dedicating myself to the reading is one of most  important reasons to get rid of depression and hatred of politics

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  • Between the bad and the worse it's better keeping the bad, an anarchy would be worse. But you're right, I think they're all the same everywhere.

    Possibly politicians are like the reflection of the society they represent, so when I complain about them I also think that my society is also corrupt trying to evade taxes and so on...  But what I really abhor about them is hypocrisy, some of them could even make me puke.

    In any case I learned not to take this matter too seriously, I have enough matters in my life to worry about.

  • Batuuu, 

    I respect your sentiment and endorse your observations, but reality is that people like you and those who have  desires to see country progressive and prosperous hesitate to take part in politics, of which they take advantage. If people having strong willingness to serve nation come out of their comfort zone, they will have no such response from public. The people have no alternative option at the time of election,  they don't feel regret of doing evil things. 

    BTW, I wish I could join politics after my retirement and make difference ;) 

  • Dear Mishaikh  Thank you for dropping by and shared your opinion.

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  • You have put everything in your blog about politicians and politics. They all are corrupts wherever they exist.  There may be good ones too but their goodness is not of any use for the society before the prevailing evil of the majority.  In my society we have many proverbs depicting the evility of the politicians. For example if a person  creates any confusions and ambiguity in any matter we use to say, " dont try to play politics with me/us". 

    I think this is enough to explain.

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