Poetry: Epigram and Pattern Poetry


epigram is a short, witty statement in verse or prose. 

An epigram is a brief, interesting, memorable, and sometimes surprising or satirical statement. (wikipedia)


                               We think our fathers fools, so wise we grow,

                                 Our wiser sons, no doubt, will think us so.


                                                                                           By Pope in the Essay on Criticism


Pattern Poetry:

Pattern poetries are like patterns, shapes. Thus geometric figures are common. Common shapes of patter poetries are wings, eggs etc. 



  •                           Who 
  •                         Are you
  •                      Who is born
  •                   In the next room
  •                So  loud   to  my  own
  •           That I can hear the womb
  •        Opening   and   the   dark  run
  •  Over the ghost and the dropped son
  • Behind the wall thin as a wren's bone?
  •    In the birth bloody room unknown
  •       To the burn and turn of time
  •          And the heart print of man
  •                Bows   no   baptism
  •                  But  dark  alone
  •                    Blessing on 
  •                      The wild
  •                         Child.

                                                       Dylan Thomas (Vision and Prayer)




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