Plastic Surgery.

Hi everyone. 

I am starting my first entry with a very particular topic that is increasing in my country, Venezuela,nowadays. 

It seems that being naturally beautiful is not enough. The society ( Magazines, models, T.V, movies and some others) is telling us that we need to go through changes so that we can be accepted in this probably fake circle, which everybody is trying to be someone else. What do you think?

On the other hand, I just noticed that having some extra pounds or kilograms of weight is a sin and it is even banned. Being skinny is beautiful, though Why? Psychological speaking, being accepted is what everybody wants (obvious) but at what prize? Is it necessary going through a surgery, having new breast, nose, stomach ( unless you have had a baby and want to remove that extra skin) and perfecting your body in order to be liked by others?

I just see young ladies are very fond of surgeries , wasting and spending their money ( or their parents')  on surgeries but not for college, studies, a nice house or even a nice trip abroad. why? 

When I was 18 years old ( I'm 25 years old, now) I wanted to have breast augmentation, but, Was it going to be worthy? Was it going to raise my self-esteem? What for? No way. I changed my mind. I kept on studying and being beautiful just how I am like. (I'm graduated as a Teacher of English, now).

I just think plastic surgery has got a "cosmetic" connotation rather than a corrective one. Yes. If you have gone through breast cancer, you have been burn or had an accident, you MUST have a plastic/corrective surgery, of course and I agree with it, but... having it to be liked/loved/accepted/ by others? Or just because you have low self-esteem?

And you? What do you think?

Oriana Díaz. 


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  • You are more than welcome, dear Robbie ...

  • Interesting topic! It's a norm to some countries to have cosmetic surgery just for beauty. Some Hollywood celebrities can influence young individuals to undergo surgeries just to fit in. Hardi is right, personality development could help an individual to improve his/her self-esteem. Thank you for sharing this blog, Oriani! : )

  • Unnecessary surgeries. That's right!!

  • Hey, friends. Thanks for commenting and posting your opinions. 

    Yes,being natural is better than being so plastic. Oh, and of course that these surgeries move  big amount of money. Not only the doctors who do the procedure but also the people who receive these ones ( such as models, actors or actresses, Misses...etc)

  • very nice blog! I personally don't like these kinds of surgery and I think the surgery can't change anything when one feels unworthy within and I 've seen how they became ugly after few years. I think it's great to be naturally beautiful. Beauty should be inside more than outside.

  • Dear Maia : I liked when you said that aging gracefully is all right... Love it. 

  • I'd like to remove my wrinkles when I get older. I would get Botox or something like that...

  • More and more people in China think cosmetic surgery is acceptable. There's nothing wrong with the pursuit of beauty, even though many may think natural beauty is more desirable.



  • Dear  Expector Smith : I feel seriously attracted to handsome men, definitely. Yet,everyone feels attracted to money.

    Hi,  frank alvarez . Thanks for your opinion. I know what you mean regarding to walk with a barbie-girl next to you. My ex-boyfriend and I used to argue about my breast augmentation surgery because he thought I would be chased by a lot of men ( I didn't have the surgery, by the way) and he would say there were going to be many men looking forward to having a little piece of me. 

    I do believe in cosmetic and corrective surgeries. What do you think, Expector Smith ? I think I read you were a Doctor. 

  • As a man I always wonder what is what women lack when they make their mind for breast augmentation or  any other kind of cosmetic change. Is skin feeling affected by those procedures and women end up feeling less than they expect? and what is in the end what remains after an encounter. I have never asked any woman about it. How  does it feel to be the boyfriend of a barbie-like girl? Isn't that a torture?. Those walking sculptures are a sub-product of drug barons domination back then in the 80's 90's here in my country. Many women, nowadays, have passed away there at  the operaring theathre leaving their families in a deep sorrow. 

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