plan your vacations

the anxiety hit me every time when vacations coming,

i should do a perfect schedule for whole family,but actually i have no ideas where we should and wanted to go, as a result, i spent whole afternoon setting in front of computer busy to viewed every tourism website and got nothing. sure most reasons are tourism plan not suitble for our i think, too far or long time journey hardly for our poor physical condition, climbing or travel on foot will be tired for children, also including hotel price we cannot afford...

the day begining of vacations we stay at home continuously think hard where we can spend our following vacation days...finally,no surprise as usual.either fighting with my wife or screaming to my childern,they are also retrted me that all of my fault to bungled whole thing with no plan for vacations

oh, Jesus, tomorrow is another holiday will coming, what shall i do?

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  • thanks for your comment, Atul, i have to say that marriage still wonderful things for our life, most of advantages which are single life have keeping desired to marry with someone of your love...hahaha. meanwhile, any things has it both side characters as you know that's we said balance.

  • Oh jesus, the marrige has more worst effect , should i marry or not ? hahaha sorry yaar i can't help laughing after reading your blog. try to walk out near superb palces which may not be expensive. oh jesus help such men

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