Photo Story #1 : My Cat's Attraction

Last Friday I visited the site of Teacher Mike Harrison and found this exciting post "Photo story: A couple of beers #story", and it inspired me to create the same post.

I present this topic such as tribute to my cute cat which died few weeks ago. Before her demise, she showed her talent in entertaining us. You can look at the photo above which is funny enough! So I challenge you to guess what the story behind this photo is?

Please leave a comment with your ideas ... Thank you!

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  • cat: don't stare at me, say something! :) :) :)

  • nice cat looking at me and saying..what this peoples say?

  • angry

  • Ok... I know it's not pea green,  and my friend the owl is late .... but I'm ready for the sea adventure and just in case I've brought some red string for making a cradle.....

  • The cat  is enjoying the hot seat. And staring to her owner and playing-mate.

  • Hi Lovely Nadiyah,

    This photo remind me of an idiom ;

    if I were in your shoes.

    Ps; I hope it wouldn't be a duplication,

  • I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty. 

    Here is my guess. This kitty was searching for her favourite ball of yarn, and she couldn't find it anywhere! One day she found this shoebox underneath her master's bed. Inside the box she made a very strange discovery.  It seems her owner was making bicycle seat covers out of the cat's favourite yarn. The pet owner was doing all of this without the pet's permission. Not only that, she was selling these seat covers for profit. (Notice the nasty expression on the kitty's face? She is not impressed.) 

  • @BR and Grace,

    Try again, I appreciate your guesses. Isn't it interesting to guess each story of a photograph? maybe you can take a lesson of it :) Thank you!

  • Dear Nadiyah, what a cute cat it was! I think that she thought it were cinderella shoes and wanted to save them. :DDDDD

  • Sorry to hear this news, Nadiyah. I suppose she'd like to be with you no matter where you go.

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