Hello all MyEc members,

I'd like to give this challenge a try, but with my little adds. 

I'm going to show up my infographic about my friends' personalities in one blog. The surprise is that I'm going to start it by describing my personalty. 

I'm the pearl of Yemen.قلوب للمسن 2011 رموز قلوب

That is it. 

Yasemine is a hard working twin. She seeks to know everything can help her to stay firmly in this life. 

Expector Smith is a resourceful and helpful  friend who presents more in a gentle way.

The smartest use of a life is to spend it with inspirational  people whose impact will outlast forever. Fa is one of such ones.

Nadyiah is an ambitious friend who paln to achieve more.. 

A thoughtful girl who can pull us up by her philosophical views, she is Anele. 

Manal is my kind little sister. She is so friendly and loyal

Nora is optimistic and enthusiastic friend. I enjoy talking to her. 

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  • @Rajesh,

    Thanks! ^^"

  • WoW! Superb !

  • @Nora,

    You'er welcome sweetie.. I'm so happy you like my blog and my simple design. 

    May Allah help you.. Never mind dear.. I really wish you the best in your studying and then career... =))

    Thanks a million dear.. =))

    BTW- missed you too.. <3 

  • Your beautiful words let me forgot to tell you that you are really talented and creative ...I hope to work hard in your talent and you will be a great designer... :)


  • My dear 

    Thank you so much for nice compliment ....i see your blog very late :) you know i was busy with my study dear .By the way i miss you sooooooo much.....

  • @Priyanka,

    Glad you like it. I'm waiting to see yours. =))

    Thanks for dropping by sweetie. ^^

  • LOL! :D 

    You are amazing! I remember that I read the longest word, but I forget it. Forgetting is my weakness. :S 

    When you wrote it, I tried to read it. Frankly, I failed. :D 

    Then, I searched about it and I watched the song which was called with the same word in youtube. I enjoyed. :D 

    Nice that it is a common word for you. Long words are disasters for me. LOL

  • @S.Stranger,

    YAY! It's not enough to write a blog post.. I need to write a book. How great he is! :P

    Thanks for dropping by.

  • @Anele,


    I really can't find a word to describe my gratefulness. You have an artistic soul that capture our souls for real.. =")

    You're most welcome dear. I'd like to clarify a point that I designed the cards but I'm not the creator for the style of the design.

    Anele! Thanks a million. :)

    BTW- How did you memorize this word "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"? :D  

  • @S.Stranger,

    Thanks!  *Blushing* 

    LOL! The challenge was just to write 5, so I couldn't add more. 

    Send my  big Hi to your thoughts and tell (him) to come down please. :DDD 

    Glad you like it... Thanks for dropping by. =))

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