Photo Challenge#1 My hobby

Home Gardening

These  are beds of  ladies fingers  also known  as Okra

. It  should  give crop in a week or so . 

Its  watered  daily and  needs  good sunlight and manure to yield a good crop .

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  • Nice gardening
  • Okra or as some people say “ladies finger” is truly rich in nutrients required for human body/health; I think teacher Nadira, the distance between two plants is not adequate, so the bed is seemingly crowded or packed. If you give the ideal distance, the crop yield is gone up too in proportion. Anyway, it is so nice. Good Luck!
  • @Mishaik , Nadiyah , Elf  Noor Bet 

    Sure  is  refreshing  cool and finale  a  good  nutritious veggie .  thank you  all for  your kind  comments  and  visiting  the  challenge  . 

    do share your hobbies in a photo as it seems  fun and  we learn  something  out of it .,

  • Wooo..nice gardening!

  • WOW,

    Its really refreshing to see greenery.

  • Thank you dear Nadira :-)

    Thumbs up to you for taking the July photo challenge!

  • Nice, beautiful and useful!

  • Thank you Olga . 

    I think it has  much  nutritious value .  we  over  here cut  it  raw  overnight  and  drink the sticky water. This is good to maintain the glucose in the system.yes it is taken care with water and manure...

  • Thank you Sir Dara 

    YEs  it is tasty as well as  healthy . I understand  over here  people take it to control diabetes...

  • Mujhee theek hai pasand hain, mod. Nadira. I like okra a lot. Yesterday, Fatima cooked them for us. Mmm, very delicious. Thanks for sharing 

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