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I get to go around the world, and I should take that as a gift from God who delivers me to go where I go. Now that I have the opportunity to write up my life journey, imagine it and write the path of life that I experience and the will for me and others in Christ.
For instance, I got to travel to China and I visited the center of China in famous places such as the Temple of Heaven, Wall of China, Summer Palaces, etc. By knowing the will of the people who live there, and the missing ingredient in the life of the people there such as no freedom of religions, human rights violation, and no freedom at all. I can write about it as a resource for others to open up the world behind the closed doors. There are always people coming and going in the center of the country, and that the impact of their society influences others socially worldwide. But not necessarily their intentions are good for everyone throughout the world. Their dictatorship leadership was so much drama for many people who are suffering under their authority. What's wrong with their society from the perspective of sainthood direction for the country of China? Who should I ask for to fulfill my curiosity about the sainthood direction for the country of China? China isn't a freedom society, so what is wrong with the China society in their own astigmatism. The country put so many innocent life under their dictatorship leadership as prisoners that violate human rights. Who should be accountable for their wrong doing? What is the fate of their country as their intention of leadership for the world.
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  • Hi Vi, you are blessed by God to be so fortunate and travel and see all with your own eyes, as well as to share later with others. I hope you will get the answers to all your questions. And you see, I had even no minor idea about the issue. Now after your post, I, at least, know that such kind of problems exists there.

    Thanks for sharing.

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