Otakus And Kpopers

I love Animes, Kpops, Kdramas and addicted to that,, seriously even I'm 22 now I still can't get over from that things, my boyfriend told me that I must stop this behavior because I'm a mature now but I can't.. Because I think I know the border, I'm not fanatic like mostly kpopers or otakus, I still in the normal line.. Btw if anyone that don't know what kpopers or otakus is, kpopers is a name for everyone that loves korean pop music and otakus is the name for everyone that loves Anime, you know Anime right?? Anime is a japanese animation.And I as otaku and kpopers say hello to EC members if any of you are otaku and kpopers too :D
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  • Winda and stefani you guys are really my friend.. Haha
  • you are right, its hard to escape from animes and especially Kpops for me, i've been a Kpopers for 6 years and still going hard up until now...wkwk

  • Anime, Kpops and korean dramas are really entertaining our heart, hehe

  • I like so many Animes too :D and I watched tom and jerry when I was child and still watch it until now.., never get bored of that.
    Yes u're right cartoons and animes have so much expressive :)
  • Dinda, teman ku, kamu baik! Sekarang umur saya mungkin 57 tahun, tetapi saya suka anime banyak. Saya suka ( Greendizer, The mask tiger, inspector Konan,  Tom and Jerry, etc ,,,,,, . ) I like to watch cartoon. They are expressive. 

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