Organized Vs. Unorganized

I would like to share my experience of working in two different organizations.  In the beginning I was working in a private firm in a small town where there is no other employment opportunity to expect a job in this organization.  There the rules were very stringent and I was facing a lot of frustration in adjusting with my boss. The office timings were very strictly followed and you will not be allowed if you come late beyond the timing (expect five minutes grace time).  My boss was a very angry guy and he loses control and shouts at everyone even for a small lapse.  I was very shy and introvert by nature and I am not able to manage such situations.  With much difficulty I continued there.  But I am able to learn a lot of things working there, especially how to be organized.  

Later I joined another organization and I was continuing to work there.  Here I was working with a boss who served most of his career in Sales & Marketing and who is responsible for whole operations including administration.  He is very social, and gives lots of freedom to everyone working with him.  He never bothers about the discipline and only expects desired results within the stipulated time.  But the freedom which he gave was misused and are very lethargic.  At one stage I felt that all are becoming very lazy and there is full of negativity all around.

Some freedom might have been given to the employees, which I felt while I was working in the first organization.  In case of the present organization,  was feeling that the administration should have been tightened.  

I am not clear about the type of administration which will give desired results from these two organizations.  



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  • Though it's too late, I would like to thank you for your comments!!

  • Every freedom should have some boundary. To have the desired result, deadline is important in any organisation. Deadline will ensure discipline to employees which translate into organised work/schedule. It is very important for an organisation to be successful. 

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