Hello, travelers of the world! 

As you know, I went on so called holidays so I want to present you my views about the cities I've visited. i decided to write 2 different blogs about the 2 different cities I've seen coz the worth it. 

So, my first stop was in Warsaw but I wrote about this city so I won't repeat again it. After it I went to Berlin. Need to say that I went there not alone and not by myself as I did it. We went with a big group of people but I didn't have any choice :)) So Berlin met us very friendly and with a warm spring. 

We had a nice bus tour around the city and here are the things that you can see while you visit this great capital city of Germany. 

p.s. As usual, all photos are mine :) 

So our first stop was in Reihstag where Hitler and his team worked on the plans of the WW2. Need to say that this building is awesome and I felt very uncomfortable. maybe because of the knowledge of the history and the fact that nazi killed 3\4 of the population of my country and here I am - standing on that place where a person around 80 years ago gave a command to burn my nation. 

Anyway, have a look: 

Do you see that spheric glass roof? You can go there and observe the city. If you want to do it, you can register online only and you can't buy the tickets there. We didn't know it so couldn't go upstairs. 

Near Reihstag you can find some memorials that were  dedicated to the WW2 history. Have a look: 

Also we went to the cemetery of 500 000 of gipsy people who were destroyed by Nazi soldiers. Those who survived organized this memorial place. It is a lake of tears with a single flower in the middle and around it you can hear the sad music. 

Also not so far from this place you'll find the visit card of Berlin. These are "Brandenburg's Gates". 

Don't forget to visit this nice square where you can find this marvelous building. It's not so far from the places I wrote before. 

As for the buildings in the city, you'll find many nice architectural masterpieces but what I didn't like about Berlin were dirty streets and roads. I had a feeling that there are no people who clean the streets and roads at all! 

As for the food, Germany is a very tasty country with nice cafes and supermarkets. The average price for food in the cafe is around 15 euros per person but personally I like to go to supermarkets and buy their yummy bread and sausages and cheese and diary products and fresh fruits in plastic glasses. Anyway, you won't starve there. 

Need to say also that many people speak English here so you won't have a problem in communication with people there. 

As for transport, you can use buses, trams, and different kind of trains. The price for ticket was around 2,70 euros per trip. 

We were told that here is where Angela Merkel lives :) 

This is my third visit of Germany but I have never been to Berlin. Traditionally, you can go shopping there and you can find out that the prices are very nice and it's a real women's paradise! I brought 2 suitcases this time :D 

What else can I say about this city? Breakfasts in German hotels are always tasty and big so you'll assess it only if you come here. 

Have a nice day, folks :) Enjoy your trips! 

Best regards, Honey bee :) 

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  • Thank you so much for sharing your experiences on your trip. Now, I could say that I've leard new things and empowered my knowledge as well.

  • Splendid! :)

  •  Jerry Luo, thanks for answering :) Try to visit this city :)It's a nice place to go :) If you want to go, tell me, I'll make a company for you :))))

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  • Hello my dear Honey Bee, thanks for your wonderful blog and pictures, let me know more about the city of Berlin and its history. Maybe if I have opptunity I will try to have a visit there.

  • Hello!!!

    Good post about Berlin!!

    I've been there about october 2013. 

    Easy to go around indeed, with historical sites to visit.

    How are you? =)

    Keep traveleving and tell us :)

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    Frank, thanks for answering :) I'll do my best with new posts as well :) 

  • Thanks a lot for this post, very interesting, congratulations, and expecting the next one....

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