Open Story Challenge

Hello everybody.

It's a long time that I'm out of here. Long time no writing!

OK. Let's have some fun together, and at the same time we can practice writing.

What's the idea?

It is not new. I start a story by writing a single sentence. Then it's your turn. You should write only one single sentence, relevant to that of mine. Then pass it to someone else to continue. It can be an endless challenge for everyone. Even you can come back after a while and give another sentence.

Notice: You are not allowed to give two or more sentences at the same time. Only after someone else has given their sentence, you can again come back and give another of yours.

Good luck

Here begins the story:

Our neighbour used to live in a house with a big yard, when he was a kid.

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  • Very good idea. ... Liked it. Thanks for sharing dear Zahra.
  • Congrats, Mishaikh. :D You ended the story which no one can continue making any suitable sentence.. :D

    Thanks for the fun challenge, Zahra. I've missed this... :(

  • And they lived happily ever after.
  • So they have decided to consult a specialist.  After thorough checking and endless tests, it was found the the baby completely healthy and normal.   

  • after years his wife got pregnant and gave birth to a little baby girl, but their beautiful girl suffer from Schizophrenia, so they have decided that ...

  • So shall we say they lived happily ever after?
  • He was upset for few days, took leave from work.  Then once again refresh he came out in the world and let the life run as usual.  After all he was a human being.

  • there was a great sadness for that and his wife divorced him a few days later

  • Since he was a good law abiding citizen, he handed his brother  to the police for killing her brother.

  • there was a lot of Champagne, and their brothers were drunken, they had an argument for a girl and his brother killed her brother.

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