Only beacuse of ....

When I wished to have someone as my love, but I couldn't get it because of my situation that time and now because of spending time ...because of no finding that one, because of ....,lots of reasons, I feel unhappy sometimes, but I feel unhappy more that time I encounter with someone who is happy with his/her love, I feel more loneliness when he/she shows his/her loves, talks about it, …I think we should care more about our behavior related to others.
Everyone likes to have love, kids, property, job, ….everything in related to happiness …then when you have such a thing in your hands, don’t show it to someone that doesn’t, only try to people live happy beside of you…

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  • Thank you friends for your nice comments


    you could feel my true emotions from my writing ...Maybe we couldn't cope other happiness when we don't have such a happiness such a things to be happy...but as you told inconsiderate make situation worse ... I am talking that people who had the same situation and now could gain that things in their life, they shouldn't forget their before feelings when they hadn't it and consider others in same situation ... 

  • Venus,

    I can sense so much pain in your words, and somehow I wish this were only a piece of writing, but I do not think it is :-/

    You know it is human sometimes, if one are not able to feel happiness on the behalf of others. Sometimes pain can be so overshadowing that one can not cope with others happiness.

    Only those who has experienced something like this, is able to understand the mechanisms. Sometimes people can unintentionally be so inconsiderate.

    I like the way you wrote this, so true, so honest your words are like they come directly from your heart.

    I wish for you to be happy :)

  • Hi Venus!

    Sometimes I also feel the same... And it is really sad.

    But on the other side, I can understand those people, who don't want to hide. Those people who find the love. Probably their hearts are so overfilled by emotions that it is hard to hold or hard to hide them...

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  • Nice expression.  Be contented with what you currently have, don't care much for 'bygone', for future you have the power to struggle, result is not in your hand, so be contented with what you have in hand. 

  • Stay happy!

  • Yes, we should think whom I am talking to and what is his/her condition too.

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