Online Shopping, Losing Real Customers

Hello everyone,

It's raining heavily recently here in Indonesia. What about you?

Today, I like to discuss about online shopping. It becomes more common nowadays. How come...? Even people sell plants by online. How do they pack the order, how do they send it, everything can be done perfectly now.

I doubted to follow this culture at first. Some people think that it would be better that we buy things to the shops near to us. That means we help them, helping their bussiness.

However, COVID 19 made us stay at home longer that before. The price of goods that sold online is very competitive. It is much cheaper than the price of goods bought offline. Well, for some people who care about saving money, this is especially woman, will look for the things with the lowest price but good quality. This made people like to buy online. It also saves time.

I guess this has been so common in developed countries since years ago. It could be different conditions in different countries. How about online shopping in your country? Well, I also started to be online seller. )))

Let me ask about a grammatical rule. Buying things 'by online', or just 'online' without 'by'? I'd be happy if someone can help me.

Thank you and have a nice day! :)))

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  • Online shopping is very common in China now, especially in big city such as Beijing, Shaihia etc. Due to some advantages of onlineshopping, covenience, saving times, much more selecting, buying some special tings that you can't buy from the local shop. Of course, covid-19 also affects the habit of shopping, more and more people choose to buy things online. But there are also some side effects as to online shopping, people become more lazy, someone cannot save more money, overpackaging is also a bad things which is a wast of sources.

    • Hello mountainandearth,

      What you say are true. And I concern on your last sentence. Overpackaging is a wast of sources. So, how to deal with this? 

      Thank you 😇

  • I bought things online so often since Covid. 

    Even our post company have to hire new workers due to heavy incoming mails... i guess it's good because many ppl out of work because of covid.   I even saw many new delivery guys when I received my parcel or foods

    about the grammatical -  I think is Online.   seldom for me to see by online".    "i am doing business online"    i purchased things online... so on.. on.. on..



    • Thanks a lot for your help, Fizzy.

      Well, you're right. Expedition could be a profitable bussiness nowadays. People becomes lazier...and just wait for the courier delivers they need, and I support it. :DDD

      Good day! :)

  • Hey Dear Onee!

    Well, I cannot give much information about online shopping in my country. I have become a lazy bones due to this COVID-19. :))

    I believe "buying things online" is the correct one.

    Wish you good luck for your new online business :))

    • December 2020....


      Hello SNR,

      How are you there? I hope everything is fine with you and your all the ones you love.

      Thanks for the correction and wishes. It means a lot.

      Wish to see you sound again. Good day! :)

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