Onee, the other blog moderator

OneeYes, Onee is now a blog moderator. Congratulations!

It makes sense we have an additional blog moderator -  there are so many blogs posted here on MyEC every day, and sometimes I have difficulty adding comments or moderating blogs.

Onee has been an active member here - she enjoys reading and commenting on blogs, and she has also published a lot of interesting blogs. I really appreciate it!

So, I'm sure Onee will make a great moderator. Do you think so?

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  • Dear Dara, Luci, Rahul, Ella, Rosemary, Anah, Evangelina, Estanis, Roman, Adaline, Kal, Abdul, ELF Noor, Bet, Rysperki, Mishaikh, MARY, Adin, Risty, Usra, Elen, Kitty, Andy, ....... So many thanks for your congratulating me.

    And to dear all members of MyEC, thanks also for your support. This site is great because of great members like you. Keep blogging! ^_^

  • Thanks Risty, Mishaikh!


    Thanks for asking - good questions indeed! I have already answered some similar questions - maybe I need to write a new blog to make my answers clear again.

  • Rusty I remember once Tara deleted one of my blogs just on the basis of one word which as she said might trigger anger among a section of people. Though in my view it was a very innocent word (of course in my blog only otherwise may not be). She allowed the blog to post when I replaced that word.
  • Congrats Oneeeeeeeee!!!!
    I know Onee will be a very big all of us. I fully support here all the way. Spread optimism dear! :) God bless!
    I would like to ask few questions, if it's okay.
    Question: What's the reason for deleting a blog? In what gravity? Grounds?
    How does the blog moderator chooses a feature blog?

    Thanks, Expector for all the help you've done to us. More power!
  • @Onee

    Thanks for the comments (both on this blog and on my page). I'm glad that so many members agree you're the right person for the 'position'!

    Anyway, Josef and I are always there if you're not sure about a blog. Enjoy!

  • Very True Onee.  I agree with you, but I would like to add that a mod must be neutral and unbiased. He/She may like any member/s in his/her personal capacity but on that basis nepotism should be avoided.

    I am really pleased to see you as 'mod'.

  • Dear Expector,

    Allow me to answer Sir Rys' question.

    Sir Rys,

    A blog mod is empowered to feature blogs and delete blogs and comments on blogs, . Writing blog posts, commenting on blogs, and encouraging members are something individual. But, sure, our admin knows that a blog mod should be interested in blogging.

    Thanks for your support, Sir. :)

  • Thank you everyone! I really enjoyed all the comments!


    Yes, members may tend to add comments on the blogs written by those who have left comments on their blogs before. So, it's a good idea to add comments on blogs by others if you're eager to read comments on your own blogs - reciprocal:))

    A mod for Blogs, however, is supposed to add comments even on blogs written by those who may have never left comments on his/her blogs.

  • Away from this topic, I support ever letter said by Luci about how a moderator should be and what they should do.. In my mind, I think exactly the same of a blog moderator, and I can't add anything but mu support to what she expressed.

  • Rahul, you know very well that you are a dear friend of mine here... and I am not saying all of that to fight with you... I just find that you are wrong about what you did and are doing.. and then, I have to correct you... 

    Please keep in mind that we should never reach to a point here where we spoil our good relationship of somebody because of a different opinion... in this sense, I find nothing about it when you disagree with me, or when I disagree with you..... disagreement does never spoil friendship... 

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