Long time ago, when I was 14-15, I wanted my parents to buy me a mountain bike. That time I didn't know that real mountain bikes were 10-20 times more expensive than the regular ones, although they look almost the same.

There were no limits of my happiness and gratitude when I got my own bike on my birthday! But the bike's gear shift mechanism broke down on the next day. It didn't take much time to repair that mechanism, but I was not that excited anymore.

And guess what, I started to learn the stunts shortly thereafter! It is needless and impossible to count all the scars and traumas I had gotten, riding that bike. Sometimes I hit the trees with my forehead because of the slippery and muddy road. Sometimes I fell over the rudder, because of the branch of the tree, stuck in the front bike wheel.

Nowadays I miss riding the bike in the forest.

But there is no doubt, that bike has became my friend and every single ride on it, is my unforgettable moment!

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  • No, Camel, my head is more than okay.

    And it would be really nice to keep riding a bike.

    Thank you!

  • İs your head ok now? (Sometimes I hit the trees with my forehead because of the slippery) :) if you have a thick head like me, dont worry keep continue to bike..  :) 

  • You are right, Fizzy! :)

  • you should buy a new one 

  • Ohhhh, I guess, it is common everywhere! :)

    But the same way as with humans, we often forget to say thank you to them.

    And I guess, you enjoy riding inside forest even more because of that distance.

    Thank you for sharing, Estanis!

    Have a nice weekend! 8-)

  • No, my region lacks any sort of forest but I make long routes through the paths. By the way I didn't put any name to my bike although admit sometimes I tell it things like 'c,mon little baby' or 'what,s the matter with you today?' Shhh... :D
  • My bike's name was "Highway"

  • Does your bike have a name?

  • Yes, Estanis, if only you could tell it to me about 10 years ago.

    Do you have a forest close to your home or house in the village?

  • Hey.. you shouldn't leave the good habits Roman. Must be exciting getting lost in the Ucranian forests with your bike :)

    I'll introduce you to the one I do it with...


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