Hello Everyone,

I would like to share my unforgettable moment with you all, actually it was more a scary moment at that current time, but looking back, my sister and I can really laugh for long, long time recalling that memory.

It was a summer day, I was about six years old, Mom told us to go out and play - Behind our house there was a playground.

My sister and I decided to lay down in the grass - As said so done. I can not recall what were we talking about, just that we were looking up in the sky.

Suddenly I noticed my sister was moving away from me, she began to run while she was yelling “There is something crawling on you”, I looked down at my self and started to scream “help me, help me”.

But my sister was scared so she was running towards our home, and I began to run after her while I was screaming “help me, help me” - LooL.

My sister reached home and rang the doorbell and then she saw me coming towards her and she began to scream - Like something very horrible was going to happen to her - “Mom open the door”.

Any guesses what happened? ... I was covered with ants.

My Mom brushed them off me, I must accidentally have laid on an anthill. Well, an unforgettable moment but luckily it is one of those memories when recalled it only brings laughter.

Thank you very much for posting this amazing writing challenge Onee.

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  • scary.. luckily de ants didnt bite you.

  • Can't*

  • Mishaikh
    My chrome is not working so I am already using safari, now I can use another browser :(

  • Miss sarah
    Try to get access through explorer or other browser.
  • Though your blog is very interesting and scary at the same time. Ants can harm when they bit.
  • I am trying to like your post but the page automatically goes up. Why I am having this kinda problem ???? :(
  • yea~i think ants are the most horrible insect.

    Is that right??  hahah

  • Hi Evangelina.  You were lucky that nothing bad happened to you that day.  When people have a bad experience like yours with any kind of animals, usually they are afraid of them for the rest of their lives.  I wonder if that happened to you or your sister. Are you afraid of ants currently?.

    Your narration is very nice! Even though that you had a scary moment!

  • Nice story, Evangelina! 

    I wonder the same question, as Onee does :)

    Thank you for sharing!

  • Dear Evangelina,

    LOL.... I also wonder.... They didn't bite you, did they? :D

    Sometimes, we didn't have an idea when parents asked us to play. We tend to try something new without watching out what's around us. A swarm of ants was also a bit frightening for kids, even if they do not bite us. So, I can imagine how horrible moment you felt that. lol

    Of course your sister would scream. She was afraid that the ants would crawl on her body as well. :D

    By the way...

    Behind our house was a playground.

    I can not recall what we were talking about.

    So many thanks for your nice words and sharing this horrible moment as participation in the challenge. Well done! Good day! ^_^

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