One Step Closer!

Today, I am excited..

I've passed my big moment in my life, I finished my undergraduate thesis examination. Do you know? it is a challenging moment. 

I am speechless, I even donot believe that I have done it.

First, I thank to God, God eases everything..

My mother and my Father. you both are priceless

My friends, all real friends or my virtual friends.. you color my days.

 Special thank to Eric Maestretti, You are my awesome Californian brotha. I am glad EC has introduced him to me..

Thanks a lot for your time.. you are my rock! I believe that it's just beginning..but It's great moment ahha one step closer to my graduation.. and make all my beloved people proud. 

I am so happy l talked to a great member of EC.. I regard him as my grandpa... :D
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  • Wow great news Dimas,! you know dimas, as what I see on you your are an eager beaver guy about your studies and about improving  your english,,, 

    you deserved it, congrats my Nephew!

  • Congratulations DIMI!! ^_^

    I can imagine the good support you got from Eric! He's also one of the first people I met in this site and one of the members I appreciate the most here. He's one of these people with whom you can talk about whatever, and that's not easy to find nowadays :)

  • Gino terima kasih :) 

    Behrad :) yo yo

    Expector Smith.. Xie xie Sir :)

    Noas :) Thank auntie kitten

    noona :) I will do my best

    Eva hehee thanks sister

  • Congrat DIMI :) 
    Keep going ,  I wish  the best  for you .

  • Congrats Dimas. :)

  • Congrats! 

  • Yo... that's it...

  • Saya berharap anda kebahagian dalam hidup anda, Dimi. Bialang salam saya untuk saudara kamu dan keluarga. I wish you all the best in your life, Dimi. Extend my greetings and my joy to your family and friends. 

  • hihii thanks a lot brotha ... :P

  • Dimas, you make all us proud. When I say "us", that little two lettered word includes so many! I hope you know the impact of your presence here and many other lives that you reach out to and encourage. Thanks to FB, people who have never contacted you elsewhere, come up and ask me, "How's Dimas doing?" keep up the good work and never quit bro!

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