One side LOVE

When someone loves you and you are sure it is one sided love and you can never accept it, ...just leave him/her, don't misuse him/her, don't undermine him/her emotions/feelings, just leave him/her if you can't love...

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  • Well it is very near to madness You believe in something that no one else sees  but you... But to be very honest one sided love is as beautiful as love can get the purity is unmatched Love them as genuinely as you can as very few people  know the meaning of true love and you are one of those blessed souls to  love someone even if they don't love you back If that person realizes  your worth they will come back someday and will be there in your life  forever. But till then keep loving them as it is better to lose in love  than not love at all 
    Even I dont agree with me sometimes that this is not emotionally good for me but thats what love does to you You should be happy that she is happy in her life...

    The power of one sided love is unique  it doesn't get distributed into two as it happens in the relationships of others only my right is there on it (dialogue of a movie)

  • A real LOVE is an endless and nonreturnable path in which the statements "to get tired" or "to leave" are meaningless, either it would be one-sided or two-sided. 

  • unfortunately most of the time we can't accept that it is one side love, we try to keep our love, we bother ourself by emphasis to show our love, finally might be we get  tired and are ready to leave it...

  • Works well if the person at the other end of the rope is ready to accept it too which in most situations is not the case. Totally agree otherwise
  • I am agree with you.
  • Why not still loving without having any expectation?

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