One never knows!!!

A rich man used to give gifts to a crazy man he was a very kind man. But anytime he gave a gift to the crazy, that one said "I will give you a gift too. "

One day, the rich man received a gift from the crazy man, it was a little board ,there was a sentence saying "what if it were you ?". The rich man couldn't understand anything, it was enigmatic for him. He hung it on the wall on top of his bed.After a few days, the rich man felt seriously sick. His wife went to the doctor,  she said to the doctor "doctor ,I want you to kill my husband so I inherit his riches by poisoning him." And the doctor agreed.When he (the doctor) the rich man's house, he took the syringe, put the poison in,  and got ready to do his job.  At his great surprise, he saw the board given to the rich man by the crazy man. He saw the sentence " what if it were you? ". The doctor refused to inject the rich man with the poison and finally decided to tell the rich man all the truth about his (rich man) wife.
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  • An apparent worthless gift may prove life saving, just as happened in this story.

    Good morale. 

  • mmm....yeah...what if it were you....meaningful message

  •  A good message through this story is conveyed... to always try to understand others situation n put yourself in others shoe. 

  • What if it were you? a good moral message in the blog. If we all think like this, everything in our  society will right. Thank for sharing 

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