One More Creative Writing From My Past

Note from the Author: This piece was written during a very dark and sad time of my own life. It represents the joy of optimism. One of my favorite English Club friends is enduring some personal tragedies and it inspired me to finally post it. In my opinion, "The sun will always rise tomorrow and life is what it is.". Please never give up on the true love of life. It's well worth the struggle and effort.

My Elusive New Star 

Not long ago, I sat on a distant hillside near my home after a long night of battling personal demons.

Facing the East and awaiting the sun's rising instilled enough hope within me to live another day.

Unexpectedly, an unfamiliar and strange light appeared upon the horizon. The sun wasn't due to rise for at least an hour.

To my amazement, an unfamiliar and faint glow manifested itself into a newly born star.

Was I the first fortunate sole to witness this miracle? Whom am I to say, and who cares? All I can say is, my own eyes were fortunate enough to see it.

The following morning, I sat on that same familiar hillside to re-live yesterday's past experience.

Sadly, an approaching storm nearly shattered the experience. Before the rain fell, I caught a glimpse of what was seen during the previous early morning.

The sky finally unleashed it's fury for many days. Would the clouds ever relent? Where was my newly born star?

On the seventh stormy day, the clouds finally parted and the sky became clear again.

I cautiously approached my all too familiar hillside while awaiting past pleasure.

To my amazement, that same and brilliant, newly born star once again rose in the East.

The light shined upon me was somewhat different than the first early dawn that we met, although, it was even brighter than before the storm.

To my good English Club friends,

English is such a wonderful language. As I always say, "Learn it, earn it, and love it.".

P.S. here's a great song that inspired me to write again. It's a bit of a hard edged song, yet, it was posted for one of my favorite members.

Take care all!!!!

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  • Nice :')

    'we are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars' ~Oscar Wilde.

  • Can I know the name of the song?

    It has been a coon's age. Welcome back, Unlce!


  • God hide the sun sometime, and bring us the storm and thunder, apparently God show us the rainbow. May God bless you my friend. Keep moving and raise a happiness by God wills

  • no comment just hope you succeed in your endeavours :) 

  • Thank's fatmah, I thought you'd enjoy my biblical satire. Seriously, I'm a very spiritual yet, not too religious American man who has seen his fair share of hard times. Those spiritual writings inspire me to live on for another day with my own daily issues of life. I work very hard to create them. 

  • "Would the clouds ever relent? Where was my newly born star?

    On the seventh stormy day, the clouds finally parted and the sky became clear again"

    could it be only seven stormy days or it's seven years in real life lol

    WOW just WOW :)

  • Thank you all for your nice comments. The next one is already written. It involves comedy. I just need to do some editing first.

  • It may sound cliche, but I do believed that every cloud has a silver lining. Do not ever lose the hope. When every thing seems bleak, hope is what make us alive and living. 

  • thanks for sharing,

    i think you are very lucky , Because you have seen such a miracle

  • Brilliant!

    Every night has its dawn!

    Pain and misery are not permanent, so one should never lose hope.

    Hope is tomorrow's veneer over today's disappointment. ~ Evan Esar.
    Thanks for sharing, Eric.
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