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Josef Essberger  : Hi Nadiyah, how long have you been learning English language in MyEC?

Nadiyah               : More than two years, since 2009, precisely, Teacher.

Josef Essberger  : I wonder why your English has not much improved lately.

Nadiyah               : I wish not to be fluent in English

Josef Essberger  : Why?

Nadiyah               : If I'm fluent in English language I will leave MyEC :D

Josef Essberger  : ???

Video version you can check it here : Old Member of EC

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  • nice
  • 2388599510?profile=original

  • Haha .. I'm a snail learner, Mr. Bob. Thank you for your pont of view!

  • hehe..funny:)

  • Smart girls always r ready 2 give smart answers... exactly like youuu... ;-)

  • Yes, we all want to be members forever. 

    But what makes you think that you haven't improved since 2009?

    I agree that you used to spend much more time making this site work well than actually studying English, but your reward is to now help yourself also.  I'm sure Josef would never accuse you of not improving.

    It is a funny dialog and did make me laugh when I saw it was a joke.

  • Lol, a member of MyEC forever... ;) Thank you, teacher Nadira!

    This is one of fantastic ways to become a member of MyEC forever. Isn't it?

  • Bia the SwanU shaikhFaraz and  Lucy

    Thank you for sharing with your experiences. This topic can be valued from different points of view but in the essence is I just wanted to share a smile with you all. And as "warning signs" to myself learn of the English language seriously :)

  • @Rabab

    I'm still in a very good place to keep learning and spying on you, Rabab ;) Welcome back. What have you been up to ?

  • Fantastic   :))))

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