there is moment in life that you do not know how to explain and in that moment you can understand the exact meaning of words like.. Speechless, jumping heart, puffff I am saying myself now  please shut up and just say what is in your heart :D

I wanna start from the title of my blog Ohnie impressed me :D

She really did .. Some of my friends knows that I am looking for a book for 2 years :D I asked lots of people in EC to search in sites and tell me if they can find the book in pdf for free :D and my friends here did their best for me but they could not find it . There is no free version of this book just pay by credit . I was waiting for it and searching for it for 2 years and every time I says that in main just to hope that one person can find a way for downloading it :D (like I do not wanna stop saying memories )

So let me say about what happened :D

I was in main and just like before I had one eye on the version of the book in Amazon and one eye on main and chatting . I asked people there that I am really eager to read this book and I was suggesting it to all and again ask people to search , till ohnie came in main and ask me what are you looking for ?

And I explain these all about book .

She after moment came in my pvt and said that what is the name of book and what is your email , she can find a way for my problem , I was OMG OMG Oh my god my heart was jumping .. exactly like a kid, I do not feel that I grow up as a young lady and you know that was enough for me to be thankful of ohnie that she came in my pvt and she said she will help me to read it , for me the idea of helping people is beautiful enough as helping them J that is why I was happy J:P I went  for studying till I opened my page yesterday . I open the EC and connect the world :D and I saw a comment of a member named behgosh , So I do not know him and that was enough to get surprised :D I read the comment . OMG that was from ohnie :’(

You know guys what she did ????

She decide to bough the book for me , she went out and went for shopping one day , she bought the book for me :D she just did that for me , that was great . with thinking of that my heart starts jumping . you know till now nobody did not gave me such gift …Oh wait,, wait to hear the hard part .. You know what she did after that ?

She came home …

She starts tearing up the pages of the book … every single page ..about 500 pages WOW

After that she scanned for me … what a hard job!

You know that is hard enough to make her tired :/ ( I am sorry ohnie to make you tired)

And she sent that for me as a book that I always had dreamed of reading it …

What Ohnie did for me is now much more valuable for me than every book in the world.

She showed me great humanity and kind heart …

I am not just telling this word cuz I just use them but I believe them in ohnie :D



WITH YOUR HEART ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

the image of ohnie in while she is working on book ♥

and image of what I have done , for showing my emotion at my job lol ... I did not know what to do really 8-(i sent them to ohnie :D

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  • I can't imagine that someone can be so caring. Ohnie you have done a great job, definitely you are a very good human being.
  • the world ain't full of such nice persons , ohnie u hv won the hearts of many
  • It was really incredible :)  

    I think you are very lucky :)))) and thanks a lot for sharing this nice happening :) 

  • Nice blog, thanks for sharing.

    It is really incredible; generously buying a book, precisely cutting all the pages, patiently scanning them page by page and kindly sending a friend whom haven't seen her yet. Really grate job!!

    Sima, nice to you to have such a great friend as Ohnie. (ey kaash man ham)

    May God gift her a gift which she has wished to have several years. :)) 

  • dear Ohni; really admiring ! this is exactly LOVE !

    thanks dear Sima for this nice blog.

    Congratulation to you & all to have such great friends in EC; and Thanks God for creating such Kind Hearts. :)

  • Oh That's Great ,awesome

  • Pixary  ke ke little tree , I wish to bring my lipstick with me , I de prefer to send her with red lipstick :D I love red more :D

    Yes she is so sweet ^_^

  • niki ♥

  •  femina Me too , you know why I got surprised cuz I never could not imagine and did not come such thing in my head to do if someone ask me :D but I really appreciate and I hope I could do that for someone some day :D

  • shahab naimat  She is so valuable .. and good for her family .I am sure she is sacrifice and great  wife ,mother , friend, sister and kid for her parents too :D 

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