O Bird! O Bird!!

O bird! O bird!!
Flying high! Flying high!!
Waiting someone, waiting someone
Down below to die!!!

Yes I am dying, see down below here, but please O bird when I die eat all of my body but do not eat my eyes, because she is in here in my eyes. Can’t you see her beautiful image inside them?

How many times the people asked me why all this reflection of her, and in reply I closed my eyes to keep her with me only not to share her lovely presence with anyone.

O bird please eat my heart when it pulsate no more, when she may one day return and catch you, she will find my heart still pulsing inside you.

My senses are nothing as long as lack her touch, but my heart is the most important as never stopped pulsing her name.,

O bird I feel sorry for you as the deep pain of missing will follow you
All your life torturing you as long as my heart living inside you.
I am sorry O bird, I am so sorry!!

Idea borrowed from my own blog KAGA:

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  • Thanks a lot saba and narin.  I am glad you like it.

  • it is nice and touchy i like it,tnx for sharing .
  • Nice blog, Thanks :)

  • Thanks Elf for liking.
  • awesome blog.  so touchy. 

  • Thanks Alice for more elaboration. I appreciate it.

  • Oh bird take my life, my body even, I do not fret for what comes from dust returns to dust, I do not fear take it all for there is something that still remains, my soul lives eternally and there it will love her eternally.  A true romantic like you Mishaikh! :)

  • Thanks setareh yes it is full of emotion. Please also see my blog KAGA.

  • Ha ha ha Eva, that was very popular movie, I watched it 3-4 time, that was not weird, but adventurous movie. Gregory Pack, Umar Sharif.
    The title song was:

    O'Turkish Buzard, O'Turkish Buzard
    Flying high, flying high,
    waiting for someone down below to die.

    During the song a hawk like bird was shown flying high up in the sky, and down below an old Indian (American) was shot to whom Gregory Pack was approaching on his horse.

    A must see movie, but on wide screen.

    Thanks again Eva

  • It was so beautiful. Full of pure emotions. I love it. Thanks for sharing.
    Oh bird, if you eat my brain you will also think of him or her all the time.:D
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