Nothing is everything

Two men entered a cave. In the cave they found a big box. The first man opened the box and looked for something in it. But he couldn't see anything. So he said "nothing".
The second said "Nothing?" and continued "nothing is everything". The first man asked the second what you mean. The second explain, "Almost everything can be put in it".
Like the box mentioned above, life is really empty. It's just a container for whatever you do_ no matter it's good or bad. Then which kind will you fetch? Good or bad?

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  • Instructive story! We are supposed to care of our life. If we want to be happy

    we must fill it with good things such as love, respect, kindness, tenderness, honesty 

    and many other great feelings. 

  • A nice anecdote.

  • really good 

  • Wow its admirable.
    Nice blog to read
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