Nobility And Poverty

What is nobility? Do poor people have an inborn tendency to nobility?

The irresponsible governmental actions raised a storm of protest in many cities in Iraq. Now, there are huge demonstrations in Baghdad and other cities. The demonstrators protest against corruption, unemployment and poor services.

Riot police uses tear gas and rubber bullets against demonstrators. There are many wounded  people and the death toll steadily  rises .There are tuk tuks drivers among  demonstrators. They drive auto rickshaw, small three-wheeled vehicles, which are modified to be small ambulances for injured people.

 Most Iraqis used to believe that tuk tuks  drivers were careless young men. It is possibly due to their notoriety and poverty. They come from lower social class but now tuk tuks drivers prove they are very generous men. They devote themselves to help and save injured demonstrators at no charge. The nobility, gallantry, and  knighthood are clearly embodied by those brave young men. They are still there, haven't  gone home since 25th November 2019.Proving magnanimity of those young men  garner respect from most Iraqis whatever their affiliation.

In our demonstration, It seems to be that cruelty in wealth and nobility in poverty.

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  • Mass demonstrations are always a strain. Especially in the Middle East. All we can do is scream about injustice and cruelty and pray for these people. 

    • It is nice to see your comment here. Thank you dear.

  • Well, I'd join comments of Rysperski and Rose....first of account has nothing to do with depends on many factors that primarily comes from the family values or values that we get throughout our life experience. Rose says, people who have not much are used to share...the law of survival.

    Although, everything you write here about really sad. Blessed are the countries and the people who haven't faced that...

    • Thank you for your nice comment. It refexes your mindful thoughts.

  • Iraqis didn’t invite America to invade Iraq. America considered Iraq as outlaw state so it occupied Iraq on the pretext of Weapons of Mass Distraction. The term was the pun that launched a thousand quips.
    One of reasons of current demonstration is a crisis of credibility between people feel utterly disillusioned and corrupted government.
    Thank you dear Adriano Martelli  

    Adriano Martelli
    myEnglishClub (myEC), your page in English
  • As my humble opinion  on  your article is ; After fallen down the goverment of  Saddam, Iraq faced to poverty...Responsible is the community of Iraq ,day by day and hand by hand the country came to these dayes !. tuk tuks. taxi or some other private drivers are same ...Most of the people of Iraq  invited the foreign forces to the land....Lets wait and see what happen in the future !...

    • it seems to me that foreign forces it`s bad luck 

  • How people really are can not be proven by their appearance or social status.

    It is only a sad fact that we often only recognize it when we notice their behavior and actions in difficult and often just in dangerous situations. In most cases, poor people do not hesitate to help someone in need.

    I think it's because the exactly know what poverty and need mean.

    I don't think it's an inborn instinct. People who don't have very much are used to sharing.

    A compassionate heart weighs more than much money. We should stop calling them the "lower class".

    Often, they are the real heroes of life because they have to fight, every day, for a small income and often their surviving.

    Forfeiting one's own profit just to help others is honorable and should be highly valued.

    • Rose Iris . Yes, of course, people's appearances or social statuses don’t reflect their real personalities. Truly, it saddens me that people are classified into classes. Now, tuk tuks drivers prove that their reputation is without a blemish.
      Thank you so much for your precious comment.

  • Oi there, folks

       Ain't we barking up the wrong tree? Poverty and nobleness have nothing to do with the size of one's bank account, it is a matter of core of the soul. to my humble thinking. 

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